Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Sadhyas, Vishwadevas, Maruts, Vrigus and Angiras were the gods of that period. (1) Adityas, Vayus and Rudras should be known as Kashyapa’s sons – Sadhyas, Vasus and Vishwadevas were sons of Dharma. (2) The Bhrigus were the sons of Angiras; they should all now be known as the sons of Marichi, O twice-born one. (3) The king of all these gods was the high-souled Urjashwi, who was the partaker of sacrificial offerings. All these kings of the gods past, present, and future were endowed with equal marks – thousand-eyed and holders of thunder-bolt; they were all subduers of foes. (4-5) They were all performers of sacrifices, were like bulls, with horns and were performers of hundred sacrifices and were all capable of over-powering creatures. (6) They were all, by virtue and other pious rites, endowed with governing qualities and were ordainers of past, present and future. Hear, O twice-born one, of the three worlds. (7) The earth is called the region of Bhu, the etherial region Div and heaven Divya – these are called the three regions.

(8) Atri, Vashshtha, the great saint Gautama, Bharadwaja, Viswamitra Koushika, and Jamadgni, the son of the high-souled Richika, these were the seven Rishis of that Manwantara. (9-10) Ikshwaku, Nabhaga, Dhrista, Sharyati, Narishwanta, Dishta, – Karusha, Prishadra, and Vasuman, well-known in the world, these nine were the sons of Manu Vaivaswata. (11-12) O Brahman, I have thus related to you, Vaivaswata Manwantara; men, hearing of it, O great one, are released from all sins and attain to great piety. (13)