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Aries is a Movable and a Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Ram. 
Its Lord is Mars (positive)

A firm handshake and an instant smile is the hallmark of Aries people. Caution will not concern him at the heat of the moment. He is self seeking and his need comes first. He is truly selfish and also fearless.

An Aries person has decided features which arc usually sharp and seldom soft or blurred. He has well marked brows which are often joined at the nose-bridge. A mole or a scar on the head or the face is often visible. He has a reddish cast to the hair. His movements are usually quick. His shoulders are very broad and he walks with the body slightly bent forward and is always in a great hurry. He has supreme ego and self-confidence. While talking he looks straight in the eyes, which is a notable Mars distinction. Nothing keeps these people down – least of all failures.

Arians are never subtle, tactful or humane. They are often, a little short of patience. They are always very direct. Frankness and refreshing honesty are their trademarks. But they cannot stand physical pain. They invariably sustain injury to head or face at sometime or the other during their life. Migraine or headaches due to kidney infection are normal features. These natives must stay away from alcohol. Their constitution is strong and tough, provided they do not abuse it. They can survive high fevers, which otherwise could be enough to kill an average person. Angry impatience and frustration ruins their health. They have plenty of forceful optimism. They carry through their work with dash and confidence. They are never lazy. They are very warm and generous. They take instant decisions without the authority of superiors. Their speech is often satirical. They have a terrible temper. But once over with it, the grievance is more often forgotten. They have no time for gossip. They are free in any group or society and quite at ease and have genuine affection without social distinction. Patience and details are not their strong points. They are literally incapable of accepting defeat. They are incurable optimists. They are sure and certain of their capabilities. They expect others to show their gratitude to them. They have a kind of eternal, joyous, naive faith with the blind zeal of a born crusader.

An Aries Man is bursting with ideas and creative energies. He is impatient, bold and confident. He is very faithful in his relations. Promiscuity or flirtations are not his habit. But he is rather reckless, very possessive and jealous and is a natural rebel. He demands total loyalty in any relationship. He hates nagging. He is also bossy with children.

All Aries Woman can get along without a man more easily than other females do. She likes to take the lead, even in love affairs. She has excellent recuperative powers after a tragedy. She is deeply sentimental and has a very jealous nature. If let down in love, she readily withdraws, i.e. fire turns into ice. She insists on complete freedom before and after marriage. She is always very faithful and is capable of deep passion. She is very emotional and rarely learns from experience. Keeping a secret from her can drive her wild. She admires strength. She rarely complains of fatigue. She is a vibrant storyteller. She insists on strict discipline. She bounces back to life soon after defeat or disappointment. If you can turn the ram into a lamb she will be honest, passionate and loyal, though impulsive, bossy and independent.

Aries babies walk earlier than others and certainly talk earlier. Discipline is required from a young age. Keep sharp knives out of their reach. They are affectionately demonstrative. Their anger does not last long. They are very generous with other kids. They have a habit of neglecting homework: The best way to get maximum out of the Aries child is to challenge him – not shame him. A few humiliations to the Mars ego will put him on the track. They take the lead in class. They require love when rejected. Never destroy their confidence. They must always be kept busy and active.

The Aries boss expects total devotion to work. Be prepared for extra hours of work for he is not a clock-watcher. He is not stingy. To be liked is his secret need. He is independent, daring, venturesome, and decisive, has high will power, has positive thinking and is seldom concerned about the past. He will not admit his dependence on others. He is tactless but repays loyalty with loyalty.

Give enough freedom to an Aries worker to enable him to take decisions. He may be careless with details but at the end quality is still good. He is motivated by success and is action oriented. He needs praise and recognition. Advertising and Public Relations suit him most.