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Taurus is a Fixed Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Bull. Its Lord is Venus (Positive)

The Taurus people have a strong and silent attitude. They move quite deliberately and speak sparingly. They will not budge an inch once they take a stand. They normally want to be left alone. They are very obstinate and stubborn and their temper is seldom displayed impulsively.

The Taurian actually resembles a bull – even the women have that intangible, elusive, bovine quality. Their neck is thick stodgy and muscular. The shoulders chest and back are broad and strong. The ears are usually small and close to the face. They chew food slowly and have excellent digestive system. They have curly or wavy hair. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. But prefer to attract them to him. They are rather passive and seldom worry or fret. Their decisions are made slowly and carefully. They are essentially home folks. They always have some connection with land – however remote. They have a very healthy and strong constitution. But they recuperate slowly from an illness. The sensitive areas are throat, neck, legs, ankles, reproductive organs, back and spinal cord. They are overweight due to extreme love of food. They frequently complain of strain on heart and poor circulation. Gout is also possible. They must avoid obesity. They feel they are not stubborn but patient. They invariably get glued to their seats and opinions. They excel in troubles. They fail to catch a subtle satire. They build their empires slowly but surely. They are normally not stingy. They are impressed by bigness, but get perturbed by small problems. Fine arts, paintings and music stir them deeply. They have a good voice. Shades of blue, greens and browns soothe them. They hate wastage and extravagance.

A Taurus Man is basically quiet, practical, sensitive and down to earth. While on the one hand, he is slow, deliberate and careful; on the other he is tender, gentle and protective in love. His sense of touch is great. He is very blunt in love. He always means business. Sentimental gestures while wooing turns him on. He plans for tomorrow carefully. He cannot put up with loud, masculine females, but always respects an intelligent female. When pushed against the wall, the otherwise patient Taurian turns into a bellowing bull. He seldom leaves his woman alone. He cannot stand mother-in-law’s interference. He takes a long til11e to get over a divorce. He is interested in real estate and liquid cash. He craves for a son to carry on the family name. He sets high standards for his children. He is generous to a fault, loves luxury and needs lots of rest.

A Taurus Woman can meet any emergency in life. She has a violent temper on good provocation. She has more moral and emotional courage and excellent self-control and practices self restraint at most times. She shows indifference to her enemies but is very loyal to friends. She expects in return, blind allegiance and total loyalty. When pushed against the walls she can be a terror. She is very calculating and brainy. Practical common sense is her essential pre-requisite. She is seldom restless. Every shade of blue as also rose and pink suits her. Generally she is a good cook and is fond of cooking. She appreciates music and art. She is ecstatic at the sight of nature’s grandeur. She is a tomboy at heart. She dresses with simplicity and taste, and dresses for comfort rather than fashion. She does not like to be contradicted. She is too strict and demanding with children and cannot stand disobedience. She is a hard worker and an excellent helpmate.

The Taurus children don’t like being pushed about. They adore physical contact. They are emotionally stable, but negative and stubborn by nature. They are not easily ruffled and are usually well behaved. They mind their own business but if challenged, they can be belligerent. Love them – NEVER force them, for they cannot resist affection. They respond to Common sense and logic. Bright colors (red and orange) make them restless and obstinate whereas pastel shades have magic effects on them. Give music lessons as soon as possible in life. They are industrious in school, methodical and can concentrate easily.

Don’t try a Taurian’s boss patience too much. His patience is carefully calculated to a definite purpose i.e. to test you and give you a chance to prove your mettle. He will give a fair break and does not judge hastily. He wants things done his way. He does not change his mind, once he decides. He is not unkind but is very practical. He requires continuous expansion. He gets to the point fast. He is rather stubborn about loyalty, is strong and dependable.

Taurian worker are good for banking, real estate and in the field of education. They are determined to succeed. He works slowly but to perfection. He is trust-worthy and honest and very dependable. He wants to build power rather than wealth. He takes orders willingly and without resentment. He often has childish stubbornness. There may be fierce displays of temper. Women make good executive secretaries. A crisis brings the best out of them. They prefer to spend vacations at home with the family or at a spot of scenic beauty. He does not get sleep in strange surroundings.