Devi Sanatan Amrit

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From last 10 years we are working to create a manual on Sanatan Dharma which is relevant in the current times by compiling the knowledge spread in the 4 Vedas and 18 Puranas . In Sanatan Dharma equal or more respect is given to the Females in comparison to the Males, hence we have divided our work in two parts Female ( Devi ) and Male ( Dev) . So only two manuals will be required by us based on our preference. The compilation of over 1800 pages in Hindi, A4 format, minimum margin and single line spacing is ready now . In the first phase we are in the process of Publish a book in Hindi on Devi by the name ‘Devi Sanatan Amrit’ comprising of 25 chapters spread over 507 pages . The extract from the cover page is as follows: 


Devi Sanatan Amrit 


Complete knowledge based on Vedas and Puranas to make your life successful.  

This knowledge is enough for a person of lowest cadre ( or the smallest being on earth) to become the King of heavens ( Indra). 




A brief Introduction : 


The sign that a person’s life is going to be happy and successful is indicated by the rise of Devotion towards Devi . 

Even if one unintentionally utters the name of Devi incorrectly , Devi ushers him with all the happiness in the entire universe. The place where this Devi Sanatan Amrit Manual ( Granth) resides gets free from the fear of malefic planets, illnesses and there is a constant increase in good fortune. 

One achieves Long Life, good health, heaven (Swargaloka), Brahma Loka ( the divine place where Lord Brahma Resides), Vishnupad ( The supreme Throne of Vishnu who governs and nourishes the universe) and Moksha ( liberation of the soul) by gifting or donating this Puranic manual. Also his 21 generations also get liberated by his this act of giving . 

The one who teaches or narrates the Devi Geeta mentioned in this Grantha which is a form of Brahmavidya ( Divine Knowledge) he himself is Parameshwara or the Divine creator. 

It is mentioned in the Puranas that the Supreme God who is devoid of form, devoid of attributes and devoid of worldly vices, is only ‘ONE’ and all his qualities and power reside in the female form who is ‘Devi Durga’. Devi Durga, Devi Radha, Devi Lakshmi, Devi Saraswati, and Devi Savitri are the five forms of Devi Durga for performing varied tasks. The infinite Brahma , Vishnu and Shivas and the Devi Devtas who reside in infinite universes have all originated from Devi Durga . 

This manual is a guide for this Kaliyuga to achieve endless blessings from all these forms of Devi. 


This divine nectar of knowledge is as follows :

• Complete history of Sanatan Dharma in which the line of creation from the Supreme God to the smallest living being and the trillions of years long life of Brahma has been explained. 

• The knowledge of the simplest ways of worshiping Devi mentioned by lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and sages by which we can attain Dharma, Artha , kama and moksha. 

• Sankatnashan Stotram to please Devi Durga which provides the blessings of parenthood in any cases of infertility and makes the poorest man, WEALTHY. 

• Brahmand Mohan Kavach (Armor) of Devi Durga possessing which Indra ( The King of Heavens) regained his lost wealth and Sage Durvasa became as powerful as Shiva. 

• Brahmand Vijay Durga kavach which provides all the blessings which one gets by going to all holy places , performing all the yagyas and vratas. 

• Devi Radha Kavach by which one gets Supreme riches and desired Life Partner . Bhagwan Shiva married Devi Parvati by the power of this Kavach. 

• Devi Radha Stotram by which one regains lost love. 

• Devi Mahalakshmi Kavach by which a person is blessed with immense wealth in each and every birth and his 100 generations too are blessed with the presence of wealth which never gets exhausted. 

• Devi Saraswati Kavach and Stuti by which even a foolish person becomes a proficient speaker and he gains excellent memory. 

• Devi Gayatri Kavach and Stuti by which a person attains Moksha (liberation). He also gains the blessings which one gets by the donation of 1000 cows and reading the Four Vedas . Also the state receives ample rains during droughts. 

• Devi Ganga Pooja Vidhi (procedure of worship ) by which one is even forgiven for the greatest sin of Brahmahatya ( Killing the Divine Brahma ). He attains good health, Swarga loka and his ancestors are also pleased. 

• Devi Tulsi And Shaligram which are instant purifiers . They give the blessings which one gets after visiting all the holy places , immense wealth and he also receives blessings from all the Devatas.( Holy Angels) 

• Devi Shashthi Pooja Vidhi (procedure of worship ) by which all the child related diseases get cured and they are blessed with a healthy and long life. 

• The knowledge of 10 Mahavidyas their Dhyan, Mantras, Mantrodhaar ( activation of Mantras) , Mantra Phal (benefits of the mantras) by which one is blessed with all the riches and siddhis. 

• Devi Mahatmyam by which if one worships Goddess Durga even without knowing the correct procedure , Devi blesses the Bhakta with The Divine BrahmaPad (post of Bhrahma the creator of the universe), Moksha (liberation) and the bhakta receives favours from one’s superiors, regains lost powers, riches and kingdom. Also the fear of untimely death, Maran ( Black magic), Mohan ( hypnosis), malefic planets , evil spirits is destroyed and nightmares are turned into beautiful dreams. This mahatmya is especially beneficial for people from Government sector, legal institutions , politicians and people suffering from legal proceedings or jail.  

• The Mrit Sanjeeevani Knowledge ( the knowledge of making a dead person alive ) of Ayurveda in which the remedies for attaining the age of 1000 years, becoming young even in old age and the method of curing all the diseases with food is mentioned. 

• The very rare and beneficial Devi Geeta which enlightens the Brahmavidya, Chakra Sadhana, Ashtang Yoga, Kudalini Jagaran vidhi ( Awakening of the Kundalini Shakti), Dhyan Yoga, and the divine nectar in the form of Brahma gyan ( Divine knowledge of the Supreme) 

• Parvati Geeta which removes the effects of Maya (illusion) and makes one attain Moksha (liberation).This also narrates the journey of the Aatma to the body and the ways to attain happiness. 

• Manidweep ( the divine loka where Bhagwati resides) by the thought of which all the sins are destroyed. Reading this is very beneficial while making a house or office. 

• Procedure of Navratri Vrat by which by which Lord Rama conquered Ravana and Katyayani Vrat procedure following which Devi Seeta became the beloved wife of lord Rama. 

• Four types of extremely rare meditation techniques narrated by Bhagwan Shiva by which a person can conquer time and attain supernatural powers even in Kaliyuga. 

• How can one attain freedom from all sins by Rudraksha even without worshiping , without wearing and without knowledge of it . 

• How can one attain Sidhis in Kaliyuga ? Why is Kaliyuga the greatest amongst the 4 Yugas ( Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, Kaliguya) ? Why are the Shudras the greatest amongst the four Varnas ( Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras) ? And why is a woman greatest amongst a man and woman ? 

• Puranokta Vishishtha gyan ( The special and rare Knowledge from the Puranas) related to the greatness of Devi, greatness of Dev pooja, benefits of constructing a temple, greatness of Bilwa, greatness of cows, importance of welcoming the guests, importance and greatness of Shradha Karma ( the special rituals performed after a person’s death for pleasing his or her soul), the rituals performed for a dying person, the qualities of an ideal man and woman etc. 

• Narak Gyan ( knowledge of the various types of Hells) which narrates the journey of righteous souls and sinful souls , the signs of person who has descended from the Swargalok ( heaven) or Narak loka (hell), the list of sins that lead to which different kinds of hells, yonis (various forms of yonis for example, insect, fish, deer, monkey, human etc ) . The deeds that ward-off sins, the greatness and procedure of offering Bali ( sacrifices – non cruel) is mentioned.