Child Birth Problem / Infertility

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Nowadays I have seen many couples are facing issues with child birth and most of them are not diagnosed with any biological problem. Modern medicine doctors just state that the reasons for not conceiving are unknown.
Now if the reason is unknown then what do such couples do? Most of the time the wife is held responsible for the failure to conceive which is absolutely wrong .

As per Vedic belief, if a family does not have a child or a couple is not having a child it is supposed to be related to the husband’s deeds or his family’s deeds. The reason why it is so is also very simple, as if they get a child, the family of the husband will grow and not that of his wife.
Vedic belief is that female is only the instrument for the family to get the child.

How is Child birth problem detected in Horoscopes ?
In astrology Child birth problem is seen  from  husband’s horoscope , in  Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara following combination is given which has to be seen from husband horoscope because of which a couple can have child birth problems.

1) If the Lords of Lagna and 5th House are in their own Rāśis, or in an angle, or in a trine, one will enjoy thorough happiness through his children. Should 5ths Lord be in 6th, 8th, or 12th House, there will be no offspring. Should the Lord of 5th be combust, or be with malefics and be weak, there will be no children; even, if per chance issues are obtained, they will only quit the world soon. The Conjunct of 5ths Lord with Lagnas Lord in a good House will ensure early obtainment of children apart from happiness through them. If they join in an evil House, they will prove a defect in this respect.

2)  If 5ths Lord is in 6th House, as Lagnas Lord is conjunct with Mars, the husband will lose his very first child, whereafter his female will not be fertile to yield an offspring.

3)  Should 5ths Lord be in fall in 6th, 8th, or 12th House, while Mercury and Ketu are in 5th House, the natives wife will give birth to one child only.

4) If 5ths Lord is in fall and be not in Aspect to 5th, while Saturn and Mercury are in 5th, the natives wife will give birth to one child only.

5)  Should 9ths Lord be in Lagna, while 5ths Lord is in fall and Ketu is in 5th along with Mercury, obtainment of progeny will be after a great deal of ordeal.

6) If 5ths Lord is in 6th, 8th, or 12th House, or be in an inimical Rāśi, or be in fall, or in 5th itself, the husband will beget issues with difficulty.

7) Should 5th House be owned by Saturn, or Mercury and be occupied, or aspected by Saturn and Mandi, one will have adopted issues.

9) Adopted issue is indicated, if 5th is tenanted by six Planets, while its Lord is in 12th House and Moon and Lagna are endowed with strength.

10) There will be many children, if 5ths Lord is strong, while 5th is aspected by strong Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.

11 )  If 5ths Lord is with Moon, or is in her Decanate, the native will beget daughters.

12)  If 5ths Lord is in a Movable Rāśi, while Saturn is in 5th, as Rahu is with Moon, the child (so born) is of questionable birth.

16. If 5ths Lord is exalted, or be in 2nd, 5th, or 9th House, or be conjunct with, or aspected by Jupiter, obtainment of children will be there.

18. If 5th is occupied by Jupiter, while its Lord is with Venus, one will obtain an offspring in his 32nd, or 33rd year.

19. Should 5ths Lord be in an angle along with Jupiter, the Karak, one will beget a child at the age of 30, or 36.

20. If Jupiter is in 9th House, while Venus is in the 9th from Jupiter along with Lagnas Lord, one will beget a child at the age of 40.