Indira Ekadashi Vrat Katha and Puja Vidhi

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Indira Ekadashi Vrat  to please your Ancestors , liberate them from Hell and get benefits equivalent to doing Ashwamedh Yagya 

During the Pitru Paksha  is Indira Ekadashi. If a person fasts on this day, listens to Indira Ekadashi Katha ,  does panchamrit puja of God Vishnu or Shaligram Shila , gives offerings to Brahmin, gives offerings to Cow,   all his sins are eradicated , he gets the benefit of doing  *Ashwamedh Yagya*  and his forefathers, if they have fallen into hell, are liberated. This is a very good remedy to obtain blessings of your Ancestors.


 *Indira Ekadashi Vrat Katha and Puja Vidhi*

Once upon a time, there was a king named Indrasena who ruled a place called Mahishmati-puri during the Satya-Yuga. He was a religious and caring king who loved Lord Sri Vishnu. One day, while King Indrasena was holding a royal gathering, a wise sage named Sri Narada Muni appeared before him. The king treated Narada Muni with great respect, even washing his feet.

Sri Narada, upon receiving these courtesies, conveyed a profound message: “When I descended from Brahmaloka to Yamaloka, I observed your father in Yamaraja’s assembly. Although he lived a righteous life, a premature breaking of an Ekadashi fast led him to Yamaloka. Your father entrusted me with this message for you: ‘Oh son, kindly observe the upcoming Indira Ekadashi and engage in generous acts of charity so that I may ascend to heaven.'”

King Indrasena asked, ‘Oh great Narada, please be merciful and tell me specifically how to observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi, and also tell me during what month and on what day it occurs.’

 Narada Muni replied, This Ekadashi occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Ashwina. On the Dashami tithi, the day before Ekadashi, rise early in the morning, take a bath, and then do some service for God with full faith. At noon, bathe again in running water and then offer oblations to your forefathers with faith and devotion. Be sure not to eat more than once on this day and at night sleep on the floor.

When you awaken on Ekadashi morning, cleanse your mouth and teeth thoroughly and then with deep devotion for the Lord, take this sacred vow: ‘Today I shall fast completely and give up all kinds of sense enjoyment. Oh lotus-eyed Lord Hari, please give me shelter at Your lotus feet.” At noon, stand before the sacred form of the Sri Shaligram Shila and worship Him faithfully, following all the rules and regulations; then offer oblations of ghee into the sacred fire, and tarpana directed to please your forefathers. Next, feed qualified Brahmins (non-grain prasadam) and offer them some charity according to your means. Now take the food pindas you offered to your forefathers, smell it, and then offer it to a cow. Next, worship Lord Vishnu with incense and flowers, and finally, remain awake the whole night near the Deity.

“Early in the morning of the next day, worship Lord Vishnu with great devotion and invite Brahmin devotees to a sumptuous feast. Then feed your relatives, and finally take your meal in silence. Oh king, if you strictly observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi in this way, with controlled senses, your father will surely be elevated to the abode of Lord Vishnu.’ After saying this, Devarishi Narada immediately disappeared.

“King Indrasena followed the great saint’s instructions perfectly, observing the fast in the association of his relatives and servants. As he broke his fast on the Dvadashi tithi, flowers fell from the sky. The merit that Indrasena Maharaj earned by observing this fast released his father from the kingdom of Yamaraja and caused him to attain a completely spiritual body. Indeed, Indrasena saw him rising to the abode of Lord Hari on the back of Garuda Vahana.