Love Marriage In Horoscope

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Love Marriage In Horoscope

Love marriages are not new to the Indian Society. There are numerous instances in the history when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa. In modern Indian Society, love marriages are becoming popular and are also being accepted by various communities. Due to modernization of Indian society and lack of social matrimonial services, such marriages are being acknowledged by major portion of educated urban society and such marriages have proved their success and worth in most of the cases.

In arrange marriage love appears on the scene only after marriage. However, love marriage offers an opportunity to the lovers to know each other before marriage. Love before marriage can be well used as a tool to know and test the capabilities to live together with each other i.e.. to know also the shortcomings of each other and potential to adjust with the same. If these traits are tested before hand tactfully, love marriage will be a success.

But out of both lovers who will declare the results whether the other is capable of living together for the whole life. Love is said to be blind. Lovers may not be able to see shortcoming of each other or may not like to consider it as they are blind in love. Or due to physical attraction they may ignore other equally important aspects of life. Here, the elders of the family should be taken in confidence as their experience, advice and guidance may prove to be fruitful. Astrology can also throw light on this subject.

According to Hindu Astrology, favourable combination of benefic planets helps to marry the person he loves.

Astrologically, fifth house in a horoscope represents love and romance. Seventh house belongs to spouse, Relation between fifth house lord and seventh house lord during transit may result in love marriage. This relation may be through exchange of lords of respective houses or through aspect. Marriage will be stable if this combination has the aspect of benefice planets mainly Jupiter. In case of malefic aspect marriage may be troublesome. Lack of faith in relations may end in the court cases. Malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or Saturn may bring disharmony and ultimately break in relations.

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of love. Romance is indicated in a horoscope when Venus is in union with the Ascendant and is placed in one of these house i.e. 5th, 7th, and 11th house. How to look in horoscope whether the native will have love marriage or arranged marriage? 5th house symbolizes love and romance and the seventh house marriage. If there is any combination between the lords of these two houses, love marriage will take place whenever the benefic planets aspect them in transit.

Navamansha Kundali have its own importance while looking the marriage status. Results wills be favourable if any of auspicious planetary combination is formed there. In planets, Venus itself is sufficient for love marriage if well placed and being aspected by benefic planets.


Apart from Ascendant and Navamansha, Chandra Kundli should also be analysed.

Benefic planets in 5th or 7th house and their lord with strong Venus is the key for a successful love marriage. Still it is advisable to consult an astrologer for a smooth and happy love-married life.