Maa Katyayani Vrat For Early Marriage

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Devi Durga Secret Mantra For Marriage, Prosperity , Happiness & Protection


This is the Secret Mantra used by Lord Brahma during his difficult times to please Goddess Durga. Devi Radha and Gopikas had worshiped Devi Durga with this Mantra for the entire month of Marghashirsha and then they were blessed with Lord Krishna as their husband. Also Devi Sita has used the same Mantra to get Lord Rama as her husband.To listen to this Secret Durga Mantra in English for Free on Youtube Click Here.

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Maa Katyayani Vrat (Gauri Vrat) For Early Marriage or Marriage Problems

Marriage is becoming one of the major issues in today’s time. Both men and women are facing this problem, be it timely marriage or avoiding divorce in a marriage. For Getting the right match and also longing for making marriages work, people try various methods and even end up spending lakhs of rupees for it , with no benefit.


There are enormous reasons for a delayed or problematic marriage in a horoscope- It could be Manglik dosh or debilitated seventh house or  7th Lord being in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, or Venus is in conjunct with a malefic in any House or 7th Lord is in fall or is combust or is in an enemy Rāśi or  Sun is in 7th or  Saturn is in 7th house  or 7th House, or its Lord is in conjunct with a malefic and so on. 

Despite all problems that a kundali may depict,there are various remedial measures which are mentioned in our Puranas which not only help in finding the right match but also help in sustaining the relationship throughout your life or getting out of any marriage related problem.


The best remedy for early marriage or the best remedy for marriage problems is Maa Katyayani Vrat or Gauri Vrat .This vrat has been mentioned in Bhagwad Mahapuran 10th canto (skandha) 22nd chapter The Bhagavata Purana describes the legend of Katyayani Vrata, where young marriageable daughters (gopis) of the cowherd men of Gokula in Braja, worshipped Goddess Katyayani (Goddess Durga) and took a vrata or vow, during the entire month of Margashirsha, the first month of the winter season, to get Lord Krishna as their husband. During the month, they ate only unspiced khichri, and after bathing in the Yamuna at sunrise, made an earthen deity of the Goddess on the riverbank, and worshipped the idol of Goddess Durga by whose grace they were blessed with Lord Krishna as their husband after completion of this vrat. The fasting, called Katyayani vrata or Gauri Vrat is made for a whole month in the month of Marghashirsha.

The complete Katyayani vrat katha (Gauri Vrat Katha ) , Katyayani vrat vidhi (Gauri Vrat vidhi )  has been Mentioned in Brahma vaivartha puran in Krishna Janma Khanda Chapter 27 .Lord Narayan himself narrates the story behind this to Lord Narada and mentions that this vrat is called Gauri vrat.So Gauri  vrat and Katyayani vrat are one and the same and is observed in order to please Goddess Katyayani i.e. Goddess Durga.

This vrat was also observed by Devi Sita (who was the embodied form of Devi Lakshmi)  who was blessed by Devi Durga and was able to marry Prabhu Shri Ram.(Who is the  embodied form of Lord Narayan).

In Satyug Devi Sita, Radha and Gopikas had worshiped Devi Durga for the entire month of Marghashirsha and then they were blessed with Lord Krishna as their husband. So now in Kaliyug where adharma prevails, in order to please Devi, I will suggest that this Katyayani Devi Pooja should be done not only in the month of marghshirsha, but till the time you find your appropriate partner. Also in today’s busy life style it is very difficult to implement the intricate methodologies of Vrat Anushthan. Hence I am describing as to how you can be benefited by just following simple worship methodologies. It is also worth mentioning that not only does this vrat benefit females who want to get married or who want to come out of marriage related problems, but it also benefits men. This remedy  is also a very powerful tool to fulfil all your desires pertaining to health, wealth and happiness suggested by Lord Narayan himself.


You can achieve maximum benefits if this Pooja is done in the month of Marghashirsha because there is a great importance of Lord Krishna in this month. The Lord himself says that he is the Margashirsha month out of all the months. . The below shlokam tells about the significance and spiritual importance of margasheersha maas in Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-10,verse-35

Bruhatsama thatha samnam

Gayatri Chandasamaham

Masanam Margashoham

Ruthunam Kusumakarna

It means – Lord Krishna says “I, myself, stay in Bruhathsama in the Samaveda, Gayatri in Chandassu or literature, Margashirsha or Margashira in months and Vasant rithu in rithus or seasons”.



Margashirsha maas or Margashira masam is the ninth month as per traditional Hindu calendar. It is believed as one of the auspicious months for Hindus. In Puranas, Margashirsha maas is mentioned as ‘Maasonam Margashirshoham’ which means there is no auspicious month as Margashiram.

However,you can start whenever you have the desire to surrender to the bhakti of Goddess Durga. In order to derive the benefits of this remedy follow the below mentioned steps.

Maa Katyayani Vrat (Gauri Vrat) vidhi or procedure

Maa Katyayani vrat or Gauri Vrat has four main parts 1) Dhyan 2) Chanting 3) Stuti 4) Fasting. Out of this fasting is observed only in the month of Marghasheersha. Rest all can be done throughout the year.



Step 1 –Dhyan :- Establish the Idol of Goddess Durga and offer your devotion.Visualise the divine form of Goddess Durga and narrate your wishes. It is important to ask Devi to take you under Her Divine protection and to always be pleased with you.


Step 2 -Daily Chanting  : – After this, recite the following mantra 10 Malas or rounds. (Each Mala has 108 beeds.So you would be reciting this for almost more than 1000 times).However if you are unable to do 10 malas, please recite it as per your convenience.

Sanskrit Mantra is –

ओम् श्रीदुर्गायैसर्वविघ्नविनाशिन्यैनमः|


Transliteration of this mantra –

OM Shri Durgayai Sarvavighna vinashinyai namah.


Step 3 – Daily Durga Stuti – This stuti was done by Lord Brahma when he was being troubled by Madhu and Kaitabha. Radha along with all the Vraj Gopikas also recited this Stuti for pleasing Goddess Durga.This Stuti is called Jai Durga Stotra.


For those who are unable to understand Sanskrit, please recite the prayer in Hindi or English, as it is very important to understand the prayer which you are reciting.







दुर्गेशिवेSभयेमायेनारायणिसनातनि I


जयेमेमङ्गलंदेहिनमस्तेसर्वमङ्गले II १ II


दैत्यनाशार्थवचनोदकारःपरिकीर्तितः I


उकारोविघ्ननाशार्थवाचकोवेदसम्मतः II २ II


रेफ़ोरोगघ्नवचनोगश्चपापघ्नवाचकः I


भयशत्रुघ्नवचनश्चाकारःपरिकीर्तितः II ३ II


स्मृत्युक्तिस्मरणाद्यस्याएतेनश्यन्तिनिश्चितम् I


अतोदुर्गाहरे: शक्तिर्हरिणापरिकीर्तिता II ४ II


विपत्तिवाचकोदुर्गश्चाकारोनाशवाचकः I


दुर्गंनश्यतियानित्यंसादुर्गापरिकीर्तिता II ५ II


दुर्गोदैत्येन्द्रवचनोSप्याकारोनाशवाचकः I


तंननाशपुरातेनबुधैर्दुर्गाप्रकीर्तिता II ६ II


शश्चकल्याणवचनइकारोत्कृष्टवाचकः I


समूहवाचकश्चैववाकारोदातृवाचकः II ७ II


श्रेयःसंगोत्कृष्टदात्रीशिवातेनप्रकीर्तिता I


शिवराशिर्मूर्तिमतिशिवातेनप्रकीर्तिता II ८ II


शिवोहिमोक्षवचनश्चकारोदातृवाचकः I


स्वयंनिर्वाणदात्रीयासाशिवापरिकीर्तिता II ९ II


अभयोभयनाशोक्तश्चाकारोदातृवाचकः I


प्रददात्यभयंसद्यःसाभयापरिकीर्तिता II १० II


राजश्रीवचनोमाश्चयाश्चप्रापणवाचकः I


तांप्रापयतियासद्यःसामायापरिकीर्तिता II ११ II


माश्चमोक्षार्थवचनोयाश्चप्रापणवाचकः I


तंप्रापयतियानित्यंसामायापरिकीर्तिता II १२ II


नारायाणार्धाङ्गभूतातेनतुल्याचतेजसा I


तदातस्यशरीरस्थातेननारायणीस्मृता II १३ II


निर्गुणस्यचनित्यस्यवाचकश्चसनातनः I


सदानित्यानिर्गुणायकीर्तितासासनातनी II १४ II


जयःकल्याणवचनोह्याकारोदातृवाचकः I


जयंददातियानित्यंसाजयापरिकीर्तिता II १५ II


सर्वमङ्गलशब्दश्चसंपूर्णैश्वर्यवाचकः I


आकारोदातृवचनस्तद्दात्रीसर्वमङ्गला II १६ II


नामाष्टकमिदंसारंनामार्थसहसंयुतम् I


नारायणेनयद्दत्तंब्रह्मणेनाभिपङ्कजे II १७ II


तस्मैदत्वानिद्रितश्चबभूवजगतांपतिः I


मधुकैटभौदुर्गान्तौब्रह्माणंहन्तुमुद्यतौ II १८ II


स्तोत्रेणानेनसब्रह्मास्तुतिंनत्वाचकारह I


II इतिश्रीब्रह्मवैवर्तेब्रह्मकृतंजयदुर्गास्तोत्रं

श्रीदुर्गामातायैसमर्पितंअस्तु II





Hindi Translation of Jai Durga Stotra:-

{aridoc engine=”google” width=”80%” }katyayani-vrat/jai-durga-stotra-hindi.pdf{/aridoc}

English Translation of Jay Durga Stotra

 Jay Durga Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is in praise of Goddess Durga by God Brahma. Brahma said: Durge, Shive, Abhaye, Maye, Narayani, Sanatani, Jaye please bless me. SarvaMangale I bow to you. It is said that meaning of the letter d in your name Durga is destroyer of demons. Ukara is called as destroyer of all troubles and difficulties in Vedas. Ref is destroyer of deceases. Gakar is destroyer of sins. Aakar is destroyer of fear and enemies. Bhagavati Durga is called as energy of God ShriHari. Remembering, reciting and singing the name of Bhagavati Durga, the demons are destroyed. This is said by not anybody else but by God ShriHari only. The word Durga indicates troubles or difficulties. Aakar indicates removal or destroying. Hence the Goddess who destroys troubles and difficulties is called by the name Durga. Durga word also indicates the king of demons Durgamasur. Aakar indicates destroying. Long back Goddess Durga had destroyed king Durgamasur. Hence the Goddess is named as Durga by rushies and learned people. In the name Shiva; Shakar indicates blessings, Ekar indicates collection or many things, Vakar indicates donor. The Goddess is giver of blessings and many good things and hence she is called by the name “Shiva”. She is “Shiv” i.e. pious and hence she is called by the name “Shiva”. Shiv means Moksha (removal of worldly bondage). Aakar indicates giver. Goddess is giver of Moksha and hence she is called as Shiva. Abhaya means to remove fear. Aakar means giver. Goddess removes fear from our life and hence she is called by the name “Abhaya”. Ma means wealth. Ya mean giver. Hence Goddess who gives us wealth within no time is called by the name “Maya”. The Goddess represents half body of God Narayan and she is as pious and lustrous as God Narayan hence she is called by the name “Narayani”. The word Sanatan indicates Goddess was there, is there and will be there always in Nirgun (without form) roopa. Hence she is called by the name “Sanatani”. The word Jay indicates victory. Aakar indicates giver. Goddess is giving us victory over our enemies hence she is called by the name “Jaya”. The word SarvaMangal indicates wealth, property and all desired. Aakar indicates giver. Goddess gives us wealth, property and all desired. Hence she is called by the name “SarvaMangala”. These eight names of Goddess are very pious, holy and very important names of Goddess. This Stotra is filled with these names with their meaning. This stotra was told by God Narayan to God Brahma who was sitting on nabhiKamal. Then God Narayan went in deep mediation. When Demons Madhu and Kaikatabha came to kill God Brahma; he praised Goddess Durga by this “Jay Durga Stotra”. Goddess Durga pleased by this stotra removed fear of God Brahma and made him fearless.


Step 4:- Fasting(only in the month of marghsheersha):- There is a lot of importance of fasting in our puranas. Not only does it have enormous health benefits, but it also helps one to achieve dominance on ones senses, urges and desires. However based on personal preference, one may observe a fast or refrain from it. I believe that the main aim of this Vrat is to please Goddess Durga and one should offer ones complete devotion in the form of Dhyan, Daily Chanting and Daily Stuti, be it with fasting or without fasting.


In this way you should worship Goddess Durga with sheer devotion who will fulfil all your wishes.

Jai Mata Di.


I am also providing complete Puranic reference of this Vrat as mentioned in Brahma Vaivartha Puran Krishna Janma Khand Chapter 27. Click Here for Katyayani Vrat Katha in Hindi(Gauri Vrat Katha),Katyayani Vrat Vidhi in Hindi(Gauri Vrat Vidhi)




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