Ayurvedic Diet- HAIP Diet

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HAIP Diet Cookbook: Ayurvedic Anti-Inflammatory Principles To Treat All Chronic Autoimmune, Degenerative & Metabolic Disorders

We are pleased to inform that HAIP Diet Cookbook written by  Dr. Rupali Dinesh Sehgal, which is based on Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory, immune & stem cell boosting, weight loss/gain principles to help treat autoimmune, metabolic and degenerative disorders is now available on Amazon .  

With HAIP Diet, Dr. Rupali  has created a fusion between Ancient  Ayurveda  and Modern  Research wisdom in order to give a new dimension to holistic treatment. 

HAIP stands for “Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Protocol.”

This protocol has Ashtanga (8 components) as its foundational principles for the creation of health.

Ashtanga of HAIP Diet are:

1) Remove Harmful Foods, Infections, Toxic Waste and Xenobiotics

2) Reduce Inflammation

3) Reinstate Gut Microbiome Balance

4) Repair the Gut Lining and Re-Establish Gut Health

5) Restore Organ Health

6) Rebalance Body and Mind

7) Rebuild Immunity

8) Regain Your Youth

HAIP Diet prioritizes the use of selected health creating, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory foods. The anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients in HAIP Diet help in reducing inflammation, which reduces the stress on the vital organs making them work more efficiently. 

In addition to this, HAIP Diet enables the body to eliminate the undigested essence of food (Ama), metabolic waste and heavy metals & toxins more efficiently. Once the toxins are eliminated and the inflammation is reduced, the hormones that control our metabolism are normalized, which ultimately leads to weight loss/gain as required by the body, increased strength & immunity and creation of health.

To know more about of HAIP diet visit : https://haipdiet.com/

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