Durga Devi

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According to Vedas and Puranas, God who is Nirguna (Devoid of qualities or properties), Niraakaar ( Without form ) and Nirvikar (Free of all worldly vices)  Paramatma  or the Supreme Soul,  is just one.When the desire to create, develops in this Supreme Soul, it divides itself into two parts, One Male and  one Female.This Supreme Soul in it’s Male form is known as “Krishna”, and in Female form is known as “Goddess Devi Durga” .

It is Bhagavati Durga who is the Power ( Shakti ) of Divine Male form Krishna without whom he would be powerless (Shaktiheen) . Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, various Demi Gods , all have been created by Goddess Devi Durga 

Goddess Devi Durga , embodies all the powers of the Supreme Soul, and so she is only the  Supreme power who can fulfil all our wishes and take away all our sufferings.The one who surrenders oneself in the divine mercy of Goddess Devi Durga , faces no problems from malefic beings, evil spirits or any malefic planets. Instead he receives favours from all of them.

Goddess  Bhagawati Durga is so full of love and mercy, that even if a person calls out to her even once, she grants the kingdom of the entire Universe to him/her.

According to Puranas, the right way of worshiping Goddess Devi Durga  is divided into two parts.

        – The first part includes pleading for Goddess Durga’s  Armor known as Bhagavati Durga Kavach by reciting or hearing it and 




        – The second part includes offering Stutis (praises)  to Goddess Bhagavati Durga.

When we recite or hear the Bhagavati Durga Kavach / Armor all the malefic beings, evil spirits or any malefic planets run away even at the site of us. We attain such a position in life in which neither can anyone pull us down, nor can anyone harm us. This not only helps us in attaining new heights in life, but it also fills our life with happiness and enlightens the path to success.

While walking on this enlightened path, in order to attain success, we need the second part of worship,  that is reciting Goddess Devi Durga  Stutis.

So in order to please Goddess Devi Durga , we present before you our Album ” OM NAMO JAI DURGAYAI “ which is a collection of beneficial Durga Devi Mantras, Durga Devi Kavach and Durga Devi Stutis, mentioned in our Puranas to please Goddess Durga.


All these measures of pleasing Devi Durga have long been in the dark and are extremely rare.They are the most efficient means to please Goddess Durga, which have been used in ancient times even by all the Demigods, Devatas , Saints  and Bhramarishis to fulfil their desires.