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Om Namo Jai Durgayai

In our lives, when we have problems we either go to some Baba and we try to follow their advice, which is 99 % misguiding  . If we believe in God and that he has created us, then we should also be sure that, he must have given a solution to all our problems . But instead of following God’s  advice we follow some baba’s advice which is use less.  When we by a TV or any device, we get a user manual with the equipment. When we have problems we all refer the manual for its solution. So simple, but same logic we don’t apply to our life . If we can make user manuals for products created by us, then God should also have made a user manual for us, as we are created by him . The user manual for us created by God is in the form of Vedas , Puranas and the Upanishads .

 I personally follow Durga Sapthashati and Bhagavat Geeta. Durga Sapthashati  is known as Devi Mahatmya in South India, Chandipath in West Bengal and as Durga Sapthasati in the northern parts of the country including Varanasi. It consists of Chapters 74 to 86 (13 chapters) of the Markandeya Purana and has 700 stanzas .Both these sacred texts give solutions to all our problems.

Now the natural question which arises in everybody’s mind is that why I follow Durga Sapthasathi ?

In  Durga Saptashati Vaikritikam Rahasyam Hindi Translation page 199, it is said that , Devi has created Brahma , Vishnu and  Shankar. So the single Supreme Almighty Goddess as per Sanatam Dharma is Devi Maa (Durga, Shakti, Mahalakshmi).

Islam also believes in single Almighty God who is ALLAH.

Allah is a Sanskrit word which means Mother.(Refer Vol.-1 Page 145 “A Sanskrit English Dictionary by M. Monier – Williams edited and revised by Pandit Ishwar Chandra) In Sanskrit Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a Goddess or mother. The term Allah appears in Sanskrit chants while invoking Goddess Durga i.e. Bhavani. The Islamic word Allah for God is therefore not an innovation, but the ancient Sanskrit appellation which is retained and continued to be used by Islam. 

That is the reason I follow Shakti ( Durga ) or Durga Saptashati. 

  Every one in the world wants wealth , spouse , child , luxury, Power , blessing from all Demi Gods , favour from ruler, favour from Government,  end less luck ,  horse  ( car), elephants ( SUV ), four things(Four Purusharthas) — Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha, and in the end wants to get liberated eternally , you may want  all, or any one, or more of the above, in your life. Then what is the right spiritual path to attain all of this ?

The simplest is to read  Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram (Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram in Hindi) (Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram in English) from Durga Sapthasati. It takes only 3 minutes . You may now have a natural question as why you should listen to what I am saying. I can also be misguiding you , I am also saying that you should not listen to me, but this recommendation is given by Lord Shiva to Maa Parvati (Kali) to please Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva says that, those who do this, will get all the above benefits .

 I have uploaded Lakshmi Sahasranamam Stotram in Hindi(Lakshmi Sahasranamam Stotram in Hindi) and Durga Saptashati (Durga Saptashati in Hindi) (Durga Saptashati in English) , which is a very powerful tool to achieve success and happiness. These tools are also used by Devtas ( Demi gods ) to fulfill their desires.

 In Durga Saptashati , Devi Kavacha (Devi Kavacha Hindi Translation) (Devi Kavacha English Translation ) is very useful to come out of any health issues or  get rid of black magic effects etc and is a very effective remedy for black magic.  In Durga Devi Kavacha , it is clearly mentioned that those who chant these sacred mantras they are protected by all kinds of black magic, evil spirits, all bhoots, goblins, malevolent beings moving on the earth and in the sky, all yakshas and gandharvas. ( refer verse no 49,50,51 and 52 of Durga Devi Kavacha). recommended by Lord Bhramha Himself .

 Durga Stuti (Durga Devi Stuti in Hindi) (Durga Devi Stuti in English) is very useful to get heavenly pleasures on earth and come out of any problem which is also used by Demi Gods to fulfill their desires and come out of problems. refer verse  1 to 6 of Durga Saptashati Panchamodhyaya (CHAPTER 5 ).

 If some one  is having any problem with enemies or any Government Department, then  Durga Saptashati Dwatrinshannam is very useful for them, recommended by Goddess Durga herself, refer Durga Saptashati Dwatrinshannam.

Full Durga Saptashati Patha done during Vasanta Navaratri and Sharad Navaratri gives multiple times benefits, eradicates all bad Karma and fulfills all our desires. I would strongly recommend this to be done by all the devotees.

Why Prayers Don’t Work ?

Over the years, I have met many people who say that they are performing the prescribed prayers with no results, or they have followed the recommendation but still have got no results . The common thing what I have found is that most people while doing Pooja,  are not confident and they feel that, by doing this, their problem will get not get solved. They do every thing with doubt and expect to get results which is not possible. For example when Lord Shiva has said that by reading Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram  from Durga Sapthasathi you will get  wealth , spouse , child , luxury, Power , blessing from all Demi Gods , favour from ruler,  end less luck ,  horse  ( car) elephants ( SUV ), four things — dharma, artha, kaam, moksha, and in the end will be liberated eternally then you should firmly believe in that and you should be sure you will be getting it  . 

When  you are reading the Stotram you should have a firm belief that you will be getting all this without any doubt .Further, before reading you should pray  to Devi and convey your desires with the help of positive affirmations. After you have read the Stotram you should pray to Devi that, you have read the Stotram and you should be getting the benefit as they have been said by lord Shiva.Request her to take you under her blessings(sharan ) and that she should always be pleased (Prasana )with you .

I know one person who was reading Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram to get married as his marriage was delayed  by many years.He got married within few months of reading this, but even after getting so quick results he was not thankful  to Devi and was finding some fault or the other in his spouse.Everyone wants to get married to Aishwarya Rai or Akshay Kumar but you will get what is best suitable for you  as per your karma and you should be satisfied with it and thank Devi for that . 

There are so many examples where people got a job, happiness, promotion , wealth, child , good spouse etc. by this  simple remedy and at no cost and  previously they have spent millions on the same with no results.

There is also one question which every one asks me that when people do this prayer then some get result in days , some in weeks , some in months and some in years, why there is so much difference in getting the result? The answer is very simple.It all depends on your belief and your previous life deeds or in current life previous karma . Look, if you are not getting some thing, either it is not there in your destiny or it is not the right time. The right way to change your destiny or time is by  prayer to Devi. Please don’t believe this as I am saying this but believe in this as this is said by Devi Maa in Durga Sapthasathi and to know this you don’t have to read the entire Durga Sapthasathi, but it is there in its first chapter .

I have gone through  thousands of horoscopes and seen that some have very power full charts and some have very weak charts and still people  with power full charts are unhappy and those  with weak charts are happy and prosperous.  The only difference between these to types of people is their prayers and karma . That is people involved in good deeds and good karma are very happy even with weak charts and people involved in bad deeds and bad karma are unhappy even after having good charts .

Hindu religion is the only religion in the world which gives a reasonable answer as why there  is status difference between the two people.

If you ask a question that why do we have poor and rich people then  most of the other religion people will say it is Gods wish.  If we further ask why do God do unjustice by creating rich and poor , healthy and sick people, then they will say, No it is their karma ( karma is a Hindu theory ). 

Then if we further ask that if the child is just born ( who has not done any karma) , one on the road to a poor mother and one in 5 star hospital like Apollo, then they will keep quite and will say it is again God’s wish and you cannot question his wish,  because they don’t have an answer to it . But for Hindus it is very simple, it is their previous life deeds that definitely answers  why there is a status difference between the two.   And again this is not said by me but it is stated in our Puranas as in Hinduism we believe in the theory of rebirth . 

Some religions also give the theory that if some one is made rich by God, then it is done with the intention that they should help poor.I don’t believe in this as God has created the poor people based on their previous life Karmas with the intention that they improve their follies by undergoing hardships and yet emerge as a winner by following the righteous path of worshiping Devi Maa. If the rich start feeding the poor on a daily basis,the poor man will not feel any need to put in the extra effort and improve his karmic cycle thus leading him into the same place in his future Janmas which will keep him away from attaining Moksha.

Then the question arises that, how can  the poor or the weak come up in life.The answer is by prayer to Devi Maa and by good Karma but definitely  not by fighting with the rich or waiting for their help which is preached by most of the politicians in today’s era.

Now every one will say if our status or our current condition is the result of our previous life karma , then we will have to stay with it and that every thing is defined and written in our charts . It is not so, if you read what I have said in the previous lines,I have specified that your birth place/ condition is defined by your previous life karma and after you have taken birth you have infinite potential . That is you may have taken birth in a poor family , you may be sick at birth, but once you have taken birth you can even become the ruler of earth or heaven by your deeds  and Prayers and there is tons of material on this in Vedas and Puranas and only few I have given in my this effort .

Many astrologers prescribe Gem stones or semi precious Gem stones as  a remedy or other things for getting desired result, but all these come with limited powers and their effect lasts for limited  time . Just take the example of any big politician  in India. For example Shree Narendra Modi, he has risen from a grass root worker to become the CM of Gujarat State and has been appointed as the Chairman of BJP 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign committee , but you will not find him wearing any Gem stones. Same is with Our ex PM Shree Atal Bihari Vajpai . So if gem stones can give results, then some people are ready to cover themselves  with gem stones and some have done that also with no result . I will strongly recommend that the best solution is to surrender oneself to Devi Maa Durga and the results are definite and permanent.

 If you are very busy and cannot do any of the recommendations  which hardly takes few minutes, then for them also Devi Maa has given a remedy.It is said in Durga Sapthasathi that, just by saying “Jagdambha ” all your sins will be destroyed and you will become equivalent to Bhramha or other Demi Gods.This simple formula was also used by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as he was guided by a Good Guru . Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had a habit of saying Jagdambha( in remembrance of Goddess Durga whom he immensely believed in) and that was the secret of his success .

What to expect from Astrology

Science can be defined as a well-coordinated and organised knowledge bank. We know that when we do experiments in science then it is not always necessary that the result will always be accurately predictable. We always cater for some deviations.For example when we do blood test we come to know the status of kidney, liver etc but no one can tell when it will fail exactly. Doctors can give some indication like 1 month to 1 year etc but not exact date.The same logic is applicable to astrology too. We know the incident is going to happen just as the Doctor.Astrology is “HEADLIGHT OF LIFE”. When we drive a car in night time it is the car headlight which tells us about what is coming in front, the state of road, speed brakers etc and based on that we decide what best to do next so that we can reach our destination safely and successfully. Imagine night driving without a headlight. You are increasing your chances of meeting with an accident.Astrology is a very effective headlight for our life, provided this tool is used by learned and experienced people and not by ” JHOLACHAP ASTROLOGERS”.It can help you decide what is better for you and when. It can mentally prepare you to sail through rough times by giving you a hope of good times coming ahead. It can help you reduce the discomfort level during rough times by recommending various remedies. But remember doing pooja yourself is the best and most effective way to gain God’s Blessings; Please do not bank on pandits for it.Astrology is not a guess science but is based on pure mathematical calculations. You will be proud to know that our Maharishis used the power of YOG to see what our scientists seeing today by using Telescope and Satellites. Isn’t it amazing that thousands of years back they were able to calculate planetary motions and locations even though they had no telescope for it…..PLEASE THINK IT OVER.Our main aim to launch this website is to reach out to people who want to get free astrology predictions for career , marriage , love , health , studies.We also give free consultancy on Vastu, Feng Shui,Rudraksha and Gem Stones.


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Om Namo Jai Durgayai.