Reason as to Why we say “Om Namo Jai Durgayai “

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Reason as to Why we say “Om Namo Jai Durgayai “


The letter “d” in  Durga is destroyer of demons. Ukara is called as destroyer of all troubles and difficulties in Vedas. Ref is destroyer of diseases. Gakar is destroyer of sins. Aakar is destroyer of fear and enemies.   Bhagavati Durga is called as energy of God ShriHari. Remembering, reciting and singing “Om Namo Jai Durgayai ” destroys demons, troubles, difficulties, diseases , sin, enemies fear and gives victory in whatever  we do . This is said by not anybody else but by God Shri Hari only. Even Lord Bhrama has used this prayer when he was in Trouble to please Goddess Durga.