Spiritual Benefits of Planting Trees and how to get benefit of donating 1000 cows for free

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According to the Purana planting trees gives happiness both here on the earth and in after life .
The benefits of planting trees have been mentioned in detail in Bhavishya Purana and Padma Purana . It is said that the person who plants trees in temples , around roads etc. that give shade, flowers and fruits achieves great fame and auspicious results in this world and also gets rid of his sins. This good deed also helps his dead ancestors (Pitra) to get a place in heaven and to always remain happy with the tree planter. It is also said that plantation of trees gives the same fruits that can be obtained from Bhoodan (donation of land) and Godan (donation of cow).
It is also said that the person who does not have Son should plant Ashwattha tree (Peepal Tree) near lake or river to get Moksha because the trees operate as if they are the tree planter’s own son, performing worldly and otherworldly activities such as Shraddha Karma etc. It is also said that when the leaves of the Peepal tree fall and touch water, they convert into pinda and give the benefits of pinda dan to the planter and his ancestors till the tree survives. The sins of three births are destroyed by tree plantation. By planting a hundred trees, the planter gets the benefits and respect of Lord Shree Brahma, and by planting 1000 trees, the planter gets the benefit and respect of Lord Shree Vishnu.

Benefits of Planting different tree :
1- Ashok Tree removes all sorrow from the planter life
2- The Pilkhan or Pakad tree bestows blessings on the planter for finding a compatible life mate and having a happy marriage.
3- Bilva or Bael Tree gives long life to the planter .
4- Jamun Tree gives wealth to the planter.
5- Tendu or Tinduka Tree protects and increases the family of the planter .
6- Dadim (Pomegranate) Tree gives blessings for good spouse and spouse happiness to the planter .
7- Bakul or Indian Medlar Tree destroys all sins of the planter .
8- Tinish or kaala Palash Tree blesses with strength and intelligence to the planter .
9- Dhataki or Fire Flame Bush, bestows heaven on the planter both in this life and after death.
10- Vata or Banyan tree gives Moksha (ultimate level of happiness ) and wealth to the planter .
11- Mango Tree fulfils all desires of the planter .
12- Supari (Betel Nut) Tree blesses with Ashta Siddhi to the planter .
13- Bilva or Bael , Madhuk (Mahua) and Arjuna Tree bless the planter with continuous food supply .
14- Kadamba Tree gives enormous Wealth to the planter .
15- Shami Tree cures all diseases of the planter .
16- Sheesham, Arjuna, Jayanti, Karveer, Bael and Palash blesses with heaven to the planter in this life and after life .
17- Amla Tree gives Moksha (ultimate level of happiness ) and wealth to the planter
18- Peepal or Ashvattha Tree blesses the planter with the benefits of doing hundreds of yagyas. By this act of planter his ancestors go to heaven and always remain happy with him .The person who touches the Peepal tree after bathing, becomes free from all sins and attains enormous wealth . The
Pradakshina of the tree increases life span . By doing any religious activity below the Peepal tree increases the benefits crores of times and the benefits even are carryforward to the next life . Bhagwan Shri Vishnu is said to reside in the root, Bhagwan Shri Shankar in the trunk, and Bhagwan Shri Brahma in front of the Peepal Tree. On Somvati Amavasya by just praying and doing Pradakshina of the Peepal tree one gets benefits equivalent to donating 1000 cows.