Chaitra Navratri 2nd April 2022

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🙏 Happy Chaitra   Navratri🙏

🙏 Happy Gudi Padwa 🙏

Navratri Starting on 02-4-2022 (Gudi Padwa) 

Chaitra Navratri is an auspicious 9-day period that is dedicated to worshipping  Goddess Shakti. It is believed that during Navratri,  Goddess Durga promptly  fulfills wishes of Sadhaks who listen or read 30 chapters of Devi Mahatmyam ( Durga Saptashati) mentioned on Page 183 – 238 and Parihaar Stuti (which is remover of Bad Luck and Misfortune) mentioned on Page no 71 in the Book Devi Sanatan Amrit  .The advance Sadhak should also read Devi Geeta mentioned on Page 239 – 258 and Parvati Geeta mentioned on Page 259 – 268 from the Book.  *The book Devi Sanatan Amrit is available on Amazon

To cover 30 chapters of Durga Saptashati in 10 days we will have to do 3 chapters every day from Chaitra  Shukla Paksha day 1 that is from 02-4-2022.

All this year I have been sending Navratri messages I have never mentioned about fasting . Due to Corona virus  issue  this time I will insist everyone to whom their  doctor permits, to observe Fasting . I would recommend only one meal a day so fasting about 23 Hrs or two meals a day with fasting of 18 Hrs. Fasting triggers autophagy which is very helpful to kill germs and rejuvenate your body which will prepare you to fight Corona Virus . 

If you have any chronic illness it may be due to your wrong eating habits, mostly related to eating foods not recommended for your Ayurvedic Body type. I would recommend that you  eat food as per your Ayurveda body type which reduces inflammation, mentioned in the Book Devi Sanatan Amrit .

Free Link to know your Ayurveda Body Type :

I  pray that divine prayers of this track  will help you to get Health, Wealth ,Happiness and Protection. Please forward this message to all your friends and family whom you love and care for.

30 chapters date wise are given below

Chaitra Navratri Day 1 Date 02-4-2022

CH1 Saptashati Saptashloki Durga Stuti

 CH2 Saptashati Durga Ashtottara Shatanam Stotram

 CH3 Saptashati Durga Saptashati Durga Kavach

Chaitra Navratri Day 2 Date 03-4-2022

CH4 Durga Saptashati Argala Stotram

CH5 Durga Saptashati Keelakam

CH6 Durga Saptashati Rigvedoktam Ratrisuktam

Chaitra Navratri Day 3 Date 04-4-2022

CH7 Durga Saptashati Devi Atharva Shirsham

CH8 Durga Saptashati Navarna Vidhi

CH9 Durga Saptashati Nyas Vidhi

Chaitra Navratri Day 4 Date 05-4-2022

CH10 Durga Saptashati Path Vidhi

CH11 Durga Saptashati Chapter 1

CH12 Durga Saptashati Chapter 2

Chaitra Navratri Day 5 Date 06-4-2022

CH13 Durga Saptashati Chapter 3

CH14 Durga Saptashati Chapter 4

 CH15 Durga Saptashati Chapter 5

Chaitra Navratri Day 6 Date 07-4-2022

CH16 Durga Saptashati Chapter 6

CH17 Durga Saptashati Chapter 7

CH18 Durga Saptashati Chapter 8

Chaitra Navratri Day 7 Date 08-4-2022

CH19 Durga Saptashati Chapter 9

 CH20 Durga Saptashati Chapter 10

 CH21 Durga Saptashati Chapter 11

Chaitra Navratri Day 8 Date 09-4-2022

CH22 Durga Saptashati Chapter 12

 CH23 Durga Saptashati Chapter 13

CH24 Durga Saptashati Rigvedoktam Devi Suktam

Chaitra Navratri Day 9 Date 10-4-2022

CH25 Durga Saptashati Vaikritikam Rahasyam Hindi Mein

CH26 Durga Saptashati Kshama Praarthana

 CH27 Durga Saptashati Shri Durga Manas Pooja

Chaitra Navratri Day 10 Date 11-4-2022

CH28 Durga Saptashati Durga Dwatrishannanam Mala

CH29 Durga Saptashati Sidha Kunjika Stotram

CH30 Durga Apraadha Kshama Stotra