Shri Saptashloki Durga Stotram

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This Sapta Shloki Durga Stotram is in Sanskrit and was recited to Bhagwan Shiva by Durga Mata herself. The Durga Saptashloki Stotram,  is an alternate prayer for Durga Saptashati or Chandi Path stotram which is revered as the most important text during Navratri Durga Puja.

One day Lord Shiva asked Durga to tell him what his devotees should do to achieve success in their endeavor easily and without any troubles?
Durga Mata gave him the secret of the Durga Sapta Shloki saying that  by  reciting  these 7 slokas with faith, devotion and concentration they will receive all her blessings and will be successful in their every endeavor. Besides they will receive wealth, health, good memory, knowledge, success, good family life and victory. All their troubles, fear, sorrow and poverty will be removed from their life.




Sanskrit Verse 1 Transliteration

Gnaninamapi chetamsi devi bhagawatee sadaa

Baladaa krushya mohaya mahamayaa prayachchathi ||1||


English Translation

Most Blessed Goddess, You Can Seize The Minds Of Even The Wise And Draw Them Into The Great Illusion.


Sanskrit Verse 2 Transliteration

Durgesmrita harasi mathi mashesha jantho

Swasthai smrita mathi matheeva shubhaam dadasi

Daridrya dukha bhaya harini kathwadanya

Sarvopakara karanaya sadarthra chittha ||2||


English Translation

Yet When Called To Mind In A Difficult Pass, You Remove Fear For Anyone, And When Called To Mind By Those In Happiness, You Bestow A Mind Still Further Pious. Who Else But You, O Dispeller Of Poverty, Pain, And Fear, Has An Ever Sympathetic Heart For Helping Everyone?

Sanskrit Verse 3 Transliteration

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhike

Saranye thriyambake gauri narayani namosthuthe ||3||


English Translation

Salutations Unto You, O Exposer Of Consciousness, O You Who Are The Good Of All Good, O Auspicious Devi, Who Accomplish Every Object, The Giver Of Refuge, Mother Of The Three Worlds, You Who Are Rays Of Light!


Sanskrit Verse 4 Transliteration

Saranagatha deenartha paritrana parayane

Sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namosthuthe ||4||


English Translation

Salutations Unto You, O Exposer Of Consciousness, O You Who Are Intent On Saving The Dejected And Distressed That Take Refuge In You, O You, Devi, Who Remove The Sufferings Of All!


Sanskrit Verse 5 Transliteration

Sarvaswarupe sarveshe sarva shakti samanvithe

Bhaye bhyasthrahi no devi durgedevi namosthuthe ||5||


English Translation

O Queen Of All, You Who Exist In The Form Of All, And Possess Every Might, Save Us From Terror, O Devi, O Durga. Salutations Unto You, O Devi!

Sanskrit Verse 6 Transliteration

Rogaana seshana pahamsi tushta rushta thu kaamaan sakalana bheeshtan

Thwama shrithanam navipanna raanaam thwama shrithahya shrayatham prayanthi ||6||


English Translation

When Satisfied, You Destroy All Illnesses And Afflictions, But When Displeased You Thwart All Aspirations And Desires. No Calamity Befalls The Men And Women Who Have Sought You: Indeed, Those Who Have Sought You Verily Become A Refuge For Others.

Sanskrit Verse 7 Transliteration

Sarvabhadaa prashamanam thrailokyasya akhileshwari

Evameva thwaya karyamasmath vairi vinashanam ||7||


English Translation

O Queen Of All, May You Now Destroy All Enmity, And All The Afflictions And Miseries Of The Three Worlds!