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Aquarius is a Fixed and an Airy Sign and its symbol is the Water Bearer. Its lords are Saturn (Negative)& Uranus (Hershel) 

An Aquarian is essentially a realist. Be prepared for the unexpected with the Uranians. They are kindly and tranquil by nature. Nevertheless they enjoy defying public opinion. They secretly delight in shocking conventional people. They are normally soft spoken but sudden spurt of amazing statements and actions cannot be ruled out. They often deliberately adopt weird attire to show their refusal to conform. They make frequent use of the word “friend”. They like continuous experimentation. Politics fascinates them, Sports absorbs them and children intrigue them. 

An Aquarian has a strange, far away look in his eyes, which are typically vague and dreamy with a wandering expression on his face. His hair is frequently straight, he has pale complexion, while the height is taller than average. His features are finely chiseled. The head drops abruptly forward, he has broad hips and shoulders. They desperately seek the security of crowds. He has sharp perception. He is a natural rebel to old customs. He always analyses situations. He seeks quantity rather than quality in his association. He is often misunderstood because he is ahead of the world thinking by over 50 years. Alternatively, there are Signs of genius and insanity around him. He has a tendency to belittle prophets and has a curious mixture of cold, eccentric instability. He can reduce the anxiety of the insane by simply talking to them quietly. He has a marvelous knack of calming hysterical people. His outlook is broad. Do not interrupt his solitude for he can never renounce people for long. He is often very unpunctual. He does not like to be pinned down to specific duties. He gives his opinions frankly and has no desire to sell his ideas to others. He believes in violent change but leaves the violence to others. His attention can easily wander to the abstract. He has firm convictions and is full of surprises. He has a penetrating mind. He never takes people at face value. Once he accepts you as his friend, he will be loyal and unshaken by gossip. The circulatory system, varicose veins, hardening of arteries, accidents to legs shin or ankle, sore throat and palpitation are among the major illnesses he encounters. He needs lots of fresh air, sleep and exercise. In his case, often the diagnosis is difficult. He is extremely susceptible to hypnosis and is responsive to electric treatment. He does not have a good memory but does not need to memorize either. He is an absentminded professor. But his power of concentration call is awesome. He has a high degree of psychic precognition, premonitions and telepathy is easy to him. He will not jump to conclusions. He is open minded cut his liberalism has its boundaries. He hates hypocrisy and double-dealing. He can fool you in subtle ways; Tradition and authority leave him totally unimpressed. Uranium is his metal and sapphire is the gem associated with them.

An Aquarian man does not want to reveal his true feelings. His reactions and motives are complex. Teamwork comes naturally to him. His interest are scattered. He is often narrow-minded. He responds to high ideals. He leads a life of change, controversy and unexpected events. A puzzle drives him wild. He has strong detective instincts. He can be gentle and docile but his surface calmness is a mirage. He docs not tolerate opportunism. He admires a woman who holds her ground. He achieves some sort of prestige during his lifetime (some recognition). He has a fetish for cleanliness. He has a neurotic fear of germs and illness. He develops allergies easily. He does not take to marriage easily. He makes friendship the basis of love and avoids the issue of marriage. He often weds late and suddenly. He is not all that jealous. He can end the affair abruptly, if he considers the relationship as dishonest. He is capable of waiting and has high intuition. He is a whiz at complicated arithmetic questions.

An Aquarian woman is paradoxical. She has all the faithfulness of a fixed Sign. But she also has the detachment and the lack of emotion of the air clement. Never try to tic her to a routine. She respects intellectual achievements. Passion is not her fort. She is a social delight. She has great moral strength. She remembers her first love for a lifetime. Extra marital affairs are rare. She keeps her motives hidden. Next to Libra, they are the most beautiful women in the zodiac. They have charming manners and reserved ways. They are devoted to their children but somewhat detached also. They are never fiercely protective of their children. Expressions of deep feelings rarely surface with Aquarian women.

The Aquarian baby is sensitive, stubborn and independent. Like Uranus, the mental process is very quick in them. Their immediate reaction to an order is a ‘no’. They are unpredictable in their behavior. They are full of contradictions. They have a fear of planes and elevators. Their minds combine their fixed practicality with uncanny perception and sharp logic. Their normal career choices are often shunned. They look old while young. They are also quite absent minded. They usually stare out of the window. They refuse to explain steps to a complicated answer. Their Uranians intuition is truly great. They need to learn to organize their thoughts and logic. Try to encourage physical activity in them. Unspoken tensions cause damage to their health. Suggestions planted during childhood have lasting impressions on them. They are quite accident-prone. They have a large circle of friends.

Aquarian Executives are rare, they dislike making decisions, and they are uncomfortable in giving order. They are absent minded forgetful, eccentric and unpredictable. They have a detached and distant attitude. Their perceptive intuitiveness is great and they have an uncanny ability to analyze. They make sodden changes in decisions. They are not impulsive or stingy. They hate lies and dishonesty. They have no prejudices. They are good listeners and never pass the buck to others. They give a long rope to hang yourself. He is very patient and is always deep in lonely thought. He is a good friend even to his competitors.

An Aquarian worker is friendly with all. He is sober, cool, aloof and remorse. He can be successful as a photographer, composer, dancer, singer, and athlete or with ratio/TV, etc. He has a scientific attitude and has strong interest in people. He is absent minded. He is a conscientious worker, highly intelligent with good work memory. He follows a strict code of conduct and is very trustworthy. His is one of the finest minds of the zodiac.