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Pisces is a Common & Watery Sign and its symbol is two Fishes. Its lords are Jupiter (Negative)& Neptune 

The typical Neptunian has a heart free of greed, and is careless about tomorrow. To swim upstream is the challenge of Pisces and taking the easy way is a trap for them. Very little will excite him to violent action or reaction: When he is finally aroused, he can be bitingly sarcastic with a clever and caustic tongue. They normally take the path of least resistance. 

Look first at their feet. They will be small and dainty or huge and spread out. Hands are also tiny and fragile. Skin is silky and soft; the hair is fine and light. The eyes are liquid, heavy lidded and compelling. You will usually find more dimples than wrinkles on their skin. Pisceans must always stay away from alcohol. They are more inclined to hide behind illusions. The symbol of PISCES, two fishes – signify a choice – to swim to the top or the bottom – and never quite reach the goal. They shirk from competition. They have a fabulous power of, interpretation. By nature they are timid. They have a good memorization power. They have premonitions. They have ability to organize and concentrate on details. Their judgment is fair and detached. They are moody and like to tease others. They have a fondness for debut and have high aspirations, deep wisdom and compassion. They are careless about themselves. They must conserve their energy. They are weakest as infants and are seldom sturdy. They have sleepy-eyes. Abnormalities of feet, hands and hips are common. Lungs are not strong too. They have weak toes and ankles. Humor is a secret weapon to them. They are masters of satires and are practical jokers. But it is always a cover for another emotion they want to hide. They wear their laugh as a mask. They try to understand the woes of others. To help is his first instinct. They often even help others at their own cost. They never answer directly always with a ‘may be’. They are evasive. Their internal nature is not easily fathomable like Neptune’s oceans. They live their life in lonely understanding of truth. Violet amethyst or clear emerald is his special gem. Water lily and lotus are the flowers, while; pink and white colors are associated with them.

Piscean Man fails to recognize the high tide and his opportunities are wasted. He is a gentle dreamer. He has lovely imagination and that rare Neptunian intuition. He wants security and is very sensitive. In romance he has no prejudices. He never passes a critical judgment He possesses a rare sympathy of spirit. He is curious but shock proof. He sometimes speaks without realizing the true implications. If Mercury is afflicted, he talks fast, fluently and frequently. But a typical Neptunian speaks slowly, thinks gently, and minds his own business. He is a good listener. He vividly feels emotions and needs long periods of rests. His shyness is due to consciousness of his own limitations. He understands the esoteric principles of nature easily. He even enjoys mild deception and is not very jealous. He is a natural actor. He admires beauty but is vulnerable to suggestions. Children adore him for he keeps their minds active. Never tread on his dreams. He needs continuous reassurance and faith. Never nag him. He has eternal hope.

A Piscean Woman is demure, pretty and helpless. She rarely overshadows her man. She has no desire to dominate, but she needs care and protection from him. She is very calm and feminine. She can be bitterly sarcastic but gentle. She is soft and dreamy. She adapts herself well to situations. Self-pity is her real undoing. She is subtle and a bit deceptive. She has vague, dreamy and changing moods. She is very sentimental. She must overcome her timidity and doubts. She is afraid of being imposing or being severe or harsh on others. She covers her shyness by jokes. She can sacrifice anything for her children but cannot administer discipline. She can be sometimes quite extravagant.

A Piscean baby has dreamy eyes. They are gentle, delicate and they can charm everyone. There is always a childish, dreamy, youthful impression on their faces. They enjoy diversions from the routine. They frown upon schedules and routines. They use evasive and elusive tactics. They require constant attention, appreciation and encouragement. They have good artistic and musical ability. They are good storytellers. They find math’s hard to follow at first. They lack responsibility and prefer the company of adults rather than other children. They have deep wisdom, if hurt they retire into silent despair. Naked truth is too brutal for them to bear but they learn to adapt themselves. They need long periods of rest. Their weight is often below average as compared to other children.

A Piscean worker drifts from one place to another. He has attention for details. He is compelled to disguise his motives. He is deceptive and dreamy. He chooses abrupt changes. He makes a good teacher. They can be excellent nurses. They are fond of social work. They take the color of their surroundings. Their mind wanders in odd directions. They are gentle and considerate fussy and critical and ultra sensitive. They are very elusive and shrewd judges of human nature.