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Capricorn is a Movable & an Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Goat Its lord is Saturn (Positive) 

It is difficult to recognize a Capricornian native, as this needs practice. A Capricornian advances to improve himself and further he is secretly ambitious. He is a social climber. It is no use to fight them. 

It is not always easy to recognize him from his physical characteristics. He can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry or plump and soft. He gives the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move. They have straight, lanky, dark hair, dark steady eyes, and swarthy olive or tan complexion. He has calm and deliberate actions. He has a deep, throaty voice. Earthy ambition is his hallmark. There is always a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness about him. Saturnian’s influence of stern discipline and self-denial can be easily seen. They have strong feet. They are harmless but tough. They hammer away persistently and relentlessly, managing to digest insults, pressures, disappointments and the call of duty. They respect authority and honor traditions. They agree and adapt themselves to any situation, but continue their steady upward climb till the goat has reached the peak. They will not let their emotions blind them to the facts of a given situation. They do not defy conventions. If afflicted, they can be like the stubborn goat and then become gloomy, pessimistic, cold, selfish and are then impossible to satisfy. They like to idolize their ancestors and elders. They have respect for the wisdom of age and experience. They are content to mind their own affairs. They learn easily to cope with duty, responsibility and to tolerate frustration. In childhood they tend to be weak and sickly. But they are sober, have temperate nature and have an amazing power of endurance. They need plenty of outdoor exercise. They have sensitive skins and easily get rashes, allergies, chapping, peculiar perspiration, enlarged pores, acne and stomach disorders. Mental distress is common among Capricornian Kneecaps, joints and bones are vulnerable areas for them. Paralysis and kidney infections are also common. They have either beautiful white, strong teeth or constant tooth problems with decay. They can be trifle stubborn but are harmless. Jet-black, navy blue or dark green colors suit them. Red rubies and lead are their metals.

A Capricornian Man is shy but strong, pleasant and fiercely ambitious. He yearns for adulation. He is an incurable romantic but Saturn chains his nature i.e. gives him calm behavior, practical actions and serious intent. But his heart is warm and friendly. He pretends he can live without compliments. But actually he desperately needs to be told he is good, clever, handsome, desirable and interesting. He is a late bloomer. He is extremely faithful and trustworthy. His own family is the object of his devotion. He loves his in-laws. The strain of choosing between loyalties makes him morose and gloomy. They seldom marry before they are settled in a career. They have an eye for pedigree and perfection. He will never marry if you do not pass inspection with his family. But he is also nervous in the presence of the opposite sex. He wills always he at the head of the table. He demands respect and obedience and insists on routine and discipline. But he repays these with honest devotion and self sacrifice. Their sense of organization and dependability is great. They seldom marry in haste. He is a tough guy with a gentle heart.

A Capricornian Woman is ultra feminine. But Saturn rules her actions and her secret aims. She has a determination of steel. Her goals are security, authority, respect and position. She gets recognition. She has an unusual artistic talent She is happy as a housewife. She has built-in-grace, is conventional and has conservative appearance. She is more even tempered and is emotionally steady. She is subject to many moods and May even brood for days on end. Saturn’s gloominess, pessimism and depression are more deeply rooted in her. They do not accept teasing lightly. They cannot take a joke easily. They are extremely conscious of etiquette. Correct traditions must be observed in their midst. They are timid and need constant reassurance. They hate dishonesty. Never snub her family. They care for their ill parents with devotion and enjoy sacrifice due to their honest love for family. They often find themselves burdened with distressed relatives. They keep their homes spotless and smooth running. They have an earthy kind of beauty. Music stirs her deeply. They worship tradition, have great imagination and their sympathies are well organized. She instills these qualities in her children. She generally does not pamper the children but can be strict and unsympathetic too. They have sensitive skin and hence prefer not to wear make-up. She has firm features and bright eyes. Her main vice is stubbornness. She is tender and devoted.

Capricornian children look old when young and when they grow up they have youthful appearance. They develop strange maturity quite early in life. They are strong willed and positive in their tastes. They organize life into a routine quite early. They keep their mealtime schedules and show preference to home life. They have few friends. They are bright at school and responsible quite early in age. They like to play being an adult. They have a natural flair for painting, drawing or music. They should be encouraged to play outdoors. They have slow, stubborn methods of learning and do not learn quickly. They seek respect and authority. They have plenty of patience of an earthy Sign. Self-preservation is their motive. They respect the wisdom of age.

The Capricornian boss sits firmly behind his desk and calmly handles his many problems. His home is sacred to him. He never neglects family life for business. He is stern but fair and has a father image. He has serious and formal manners and treats his staff like a family. He neglects personal needs in the face of responsibility. He dresses conservatively and is impressed with status. Saturn’s demands of obedience, order, system and authority are his main traits. He will never let you down in troubles.

Capricornian is a busy worker, with reserved manners, and usually parts his hair in middle. His clothes and manners are conservative. He minds his own business. He openly ambitious and is coldly determined. He accepts responsibility, is conscientious and has great powers of perseverance. He needs increased area of responsibility at decent intervals. He respects his superiors. They make good bankers, teachers and bookkeepers, researchers, dentists, engineers or architects. The creative side is prominent in Capricornian.