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Sagittarius is a Common & a Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Centaur. Its lord is Jupiter (Positive) 

Direct speech, very blunt joker type but with total innocence and completely free of malice is how a Sagittarius native is often referred to. If he tries to patch up, he ends up with adding insults to injury. Do not judge him too harshly. He may have tactless manners but he is unaware of the same. Pretence and deception appalls him. 

His build is fairly large, has a well-shaped skull, with a high broad forehead, and an open and cheerful face and has sweeping gestures and waves his arms to make a point. His eyes are bright and alert with a sparkle of humor. He is very tall and is athletically built. Stray locks of hair keep falling over the forehead, which he likes to toss back unconsciously. He is normally quite restless. He has an obvious sense of confidence. He has much disregard for conventional behavior. He loves animals passionately. But with natal afflictions, a morbid fear of animals can be noted. An element of risk excites and challenges them. They are daredevil test pilots. They will take a chance literally on anything. What is in his mind and heart comes instantly on his lips. He is free of harmful intent though he may he brutally frank. He sincerely tries to cheer you up, but falls short of the end results. It is useless to gel exasperated with him. He can offer profound wise counsel. They are basically extroverts, talkative and forward looking, and full of original ideas, but just as blunt. His temper can easily flare up at odd times. He is also rebellious against authority. They never run away from a fight or call for help. They cannot stand to be accused of dishonest. He speaks and acts first and considers the consequences later. He is very much attracted to show business. He has a strong religious streak and loves to travel. He refuses to accept the seriousness of life. They rebel against confinement even in serious illness. They normally retain their mental faculties till· the end. Hips, lungs, liver, arms, hands, shoulders, intestine and feet are sensitive areas of his anatomy. He recuperates with amazing swiftness from an illness. He is somewhat of a gambler, but can keep the urge for speculation under control. They also take a chance on love with reckless abandon, but get startled when confronted with marriage. The Centaur (half horse half man) has an obvious head start in any game of chance. His negative traits are tendency to violent temper, love for too much food and drink, obesity, alcoholism, burning sarcasm, extreme eccentricity and inability to keep a secret. He can be easily rooted out of his determination. There is a tendency to go off at tangents and indulge in satire. He is a formidable foe. He is genuinely funny. Occasionally he also has reclusive habits. He cannot tell a lie successfully. Deceit is unnatural to him. Turquoise rings are normally recommended for Sagittarians.

A Sagittarian Man has idealistic enthusiasm and curiosity. There is always a crowd around him. His supreme optimism can be dangerous. He has blind faith. Jupiter’s intelligent logic and compulsive curiosity coupled with courageous imagination with progressive ideas are his main traits. He is also often extremely lucky. He hates dishonesty. He has a large circle of friends and well-wishers. He looks beyond external appearance of people for a truer, more intrinsic value in them. He is frank but harmless. His speech is as direct as his symbolic arrow. He lives a romantic life at surface level and seeks casual relationships. When trapped in romance, his reasoning powers desert him. He frequently requires mental stimulation. He admires beauty and hence is often accused of suspicion, but there is nothing beyond the breezy friendship in his mind. He insists on intelligence in his mate. He likes to have freedom and goes camping. He is shockingly disinterested in family ties and keeps a healthy distance from his in-laws. He does lots’ of traveling. Never question his honesty. He engages himself in many social activities. He cannot stand droopy, clinging females who are not good mixers. He is a little extravagant. He is a forthright critic, and enjoys mixing with older children. He takes them out on outdoor excursions.

Sagittarian females are also outspoken. She never lies. She may have frequent and fiery arguments. She lives alone, is independent, and aloof from family tics. She is always on the go. She cannot bear being ordered around. She cannot stand a weak man. She often mistakes love for friendships and vice versa. She is quite outspoken and blunt, which often causes misunderstandings. Jupiterian pride comes to surface and rescues her in crises. She is breezy and unconventional and considers herself your equal. She likes sports and camping. She is one of the most feminine of women. Her outlook is naive and hence is herself vulnerable. She may be slightly clumsy but is often, very graceful. She has a sunny disposition and has good appetite. She is extravagant by nature. Show business attracts her. She has a casual altitude to romance and is shy of marriage. She needs her surrounding to be clear and neat. Gloom and pessimism actually makes her ill. Children adore her. Her honesty will mark their character. She is a graceful hostess and a very gracious entertainer. She is an incurable idealist.

The tiny Sagittarian babies wave their hearts at you. They desperately need to be liked honestly. They are happy, playful, miniature clowns. They desire comradeship but later as they grow they are detached to family ties. They wander away and are quite informal. They are brutally honest. He will give in graciously if he is convinced that, there is logic behind your command. If you are fair, he respects you. If you are wrong, admit to him. They can be obstinate if punished unjustly. Their curiosity never ends. Their questions are aimed at puncturing adult hypocrisy or grown ups snugness or downright, deception. They become independent earlier than other children. Expect romance quite early in life. They enjoy school. They are rigid about study habits, if teachers are severe or intolerant and with unimaginative teaching methods, they tend to be dropouts. They have a serious interest in religion. Fighting for a cause develops their strength.

A Sagittarian Boss is shy and helpless and needs to be understood. If you make a fair point, he will consider. He is happy go lucky, cheerful and generous. He is a great morale booster. He is a crusader and fights for what he considers right and frank. Sincere and friendly, he points out flaws with deadly accuracy. He has a host of friends. He gives orders with regal air. He is jovial and logical, intuitive and lucky, kind hearted and ambitious. His memory never fails him for facts. He has a controlled personality and loves to talk.

A Sagittarian worker is concerned with today only. He is clumsy but never complains. He never does things halfway. He is modest, serene, casual and careless. He has that Jupiterian intuition. He has great curiosity and wants to know “why” behind the orders. He loves applause. He- commits more than his capacity. He makes the right moves merely on hunches. There may be an occasional outburst of temper if his integrity is questioned. They make good salesman. They should curb their hasty enthusiasm.