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Scorpio is a Fixed & Watery Sign and its symbol is either the Scorpion, the Eagle or the Garden Lizard Its lords are Mars (Negative) & Pluto. 

A Scorpio likes to travel incognito. Look at his eyes; they have a piercing and hypnotic intensity. He out stares you each time you look at him. He has a typical Pluto personality. Listen to him speak. He has tremendous ego. Insults roll right off his back and compliments don’t move him an inch. He has a powerful physique with heavy and sharp features. He has a prominent nose and is often of pale complexion. His eyebrows are heavy and knit over his nose. There is an electric vitality around him. He has heavy growth of hair on hands and legs and has darkish hair and eyes. His smiles are rare and genuine. He appears to have open and friendly manners. He is laugh and determined and is just not soft and naive. Do not ask for his opinion or advice for you will only get the naked, brutal truth. It is beneath him to flatter others. He attracts either fiercely loyal or dedicated admirers or are very powerful and spiteful enemies. Never challenge him openly. The lord of Scorpio, Pluto rules nuclear power. He offers gentle sympathy to the sick and the depressed. He bravely faces odds, pains, poverty, ridicule and failure. He makes loyal friends. He unconsciously seeks violence deliberately as a challenge to his strength. He never forgets a gift or a kindness, but also remembers an injury or injustice. Win the fight, and spare the vanquished is his motto (if he is an Eagle type). He totally destroys the enemy, (if he a genuine Scorpion) and he keeps bitterness held within him for years (if he is the, lizard type). He destroys his body with excesses, melancholy or, hard work. He recuperates fast from an illness. The reproduction organs, nose, throat, heart, spine, back, legs, ankles and circulatory system are critical areas in his body. He should avoid fire, explosives, noxious fumes and radiation. He is deeply interested in religion. He is very passionate about sex. He desires to reform others and has hypnotic appeal to audiences. He is fiercely possessive. His ambition is never obvious. He quietly waits for his chance. He takes control of a situation slowly but surely. He is cool, careful and with fixed intent. He makes an excellent doctor. His power of diagnosis is good. He is an outstanding detective and always manages to top his competitors. When he dies there is usually a birth in the family within a year either before or after. Bloodstone is a good gem for Scorpio. 

A true Scorpion has strong emotional excess. Be sure, he’s only bluffing you with his cool surface, for actually he is sizzling underneath his deceptively controlled manners. He is normally invincible. He has twin traits of passion and reason. He is more than intelligent and deeply philosophical. He has an explosive temper and has good sportsmanship. He keeps dignity at all costs. He is intensely dedicated in religious mailers. He is a law unto himself. He likes to be respected. His friends, relatives, neighbors or enemies do not hamper his important decisions. Under adversity, he is his forceful and courageous best. He loves mystery and poses searching questions. He sets high standards for himself. He can be cruel sometimes. He takes time to adjust his personality to a given situation. He is extremely jealous. Tears and pleas do not move him at all. He is irresistibly attractive. He is a stem rather and teaches respect to his children. He does not stand nonsense and expects them to be self-reliant. He is a practical and a wise father. The children resent his highhanded attitude but secretly admire his strength and try to imitate him. He should be more affectionate and tender to get maximum results from children, rather than be autocratic and unbending. He never allows a woman to dictate to him.

A Scorpio woman has a deep mysterious beauty, is magnetic, proud and confident. She has enough glamour and is quite seductive. Unconsciously she prefers to be the man of the house. Dark maroon or deep wine red (not pinks) is her true shade. She has scornful contempt for members of her own sex. She should control her desire to dominate. She walks slowly, seductively and silently delivers her private message. She often has a husky voice and is also quite tomboyish. She – has beautiful and mysterious eyes and is virtually a human x-ray machine. She can be overbearing and domineering, frigid and sarcastic. She can hate with bitter venom or love with fierce abandon. She has a highly developed sixth sense. She cannot bear or excuse weakness in a man. She likes a mate who can dominate her and make her proud. She requires in her man intelligence. She has a deep and strange expression in her eyes. She can keep a secret easily. She is often too brutally honest and is also incredibly loyal. She seems aloof and snobbish and is very selective in her friendship. She is very much perseverant and determined. She need not be a legal wife only the relationship should be real and honest. She allows her man to be the boss and defends him fiercely in public. She loves her home. She has a natural inclination to beauty and system. She is unreasonably suspicious. She makes an excellent wife for an army man or a politician. She enjoys money and prestige. She is very, very possessive. She sees only her viewpoint. Her sense of justice and revenge is strong. She is deeply devoted and can be blind to the faults of her children.

Scorpio babies have a strong body and a stronger will. They enjoy a fight and never compromise. They have intense eyes, and need constant and firm discipline. They have a rare courage and honesty of purpose. They glare fiercely if stopped – but inwardly admire you for your strength in resisting him. They need plenty of love and affection. They have a blunt and sarcastic speech. They are direct and forthright. They have great need for privacy. They are miniature sleuths. They have ability to withstand pain. They have an instinctive understanding and boundless loyalty. They have a sharp, penetrating mind and an uncanny perception of theories. They learn to read quickly and are leaders in school activity. Always keep them active physically. Channel their curiosity in science, literature, medicine and sports. Never try to force them or impose your will on them. They have an intense passion. Rough, thoughtless scolding and illogical explanations irk them. They are very determined. Pluto if well placed, gives them courage, strength and intelligence.

“Speak softly but carry a big stick” is the motto of a Scorpion Executive. He will discover your secrets and get, the deepest confessions out of you. He senses your moods and his control over his nature is awesome. You cannot penetrate his deepest feelings. He has a way of attracting loyal companions. He is talented, brilliant and kind also sincere and loyal. He is protective and gentle – but NEVER loving. He cannot tolerate displays of emotion. He is always suspicious and probes a transaction in detail. He can be very revengeful too. Always stay alert when he is around.

A Scorpion worker has a master plan for the future. Others are always afraid of him. He is self-motivated and controls his resentment. He has awesome inner strength. He is certain of reaching God. He is fearless and confident but accepts the inevitable with grace. Loyalty and long memory arc also associated with him. He is intense, tenacious, rebellious, overbearing, shrewd and logical. He makes a good detective, psychiatrist, surgeon, policeman or researcher. Never pry his past affairs.