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Libra is a Movable & an Airy Sign and its symbol is Scale. Its Lord is Venus (Negative) 

Librans hate to be rude. They hale large crowds too. They excel in mediating and patching up quarrels. They enjoy a good argument and are extremely intelligent. They are also quite restless but love beauty, sweetness, and light. They can be quite annoying quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. The Golden scales of justice go up and down and dip till the elusive perfect balance is reached. They swing one way – then the other, like a pendulum. 

Librans have no typical features except of course that famous Venus dimples. They have even and well balanced features. Notice the entire effect on their face. They have a pleasant expression, manage to look mild and neutral, while the voice is typically sweet and clear. The face is oval shaped. They are invariably pretty and handsome and have a unity of feature. The Venus smile is full of curves. The hair is often curly. They have a bright and lilting laugh. They cannot seem to make up their fickle mind. They seek harmony. They often indulge in excessive eating, drinking and lovemaking. They are also lazy. Sometimes, when they recoup there is a spurt of energy. Though not a dual Sign, a Libra native has two distinct personalities. They have deep richness in emotions and have a philosophic approach to sorrows and joys. Their biggest threat is over indulgence. Obesity brings stomach disorders, too much alcohol cause kidney and bladder problems. They suffer from itchy sensation in skin and boils. The breasts and intestine are the main problem areas. They have an ulcerous tendency. They need long rest periods. They are argumentative but try to remain fair. They are in a perennial state of constant indecision. They dislike making instant decisions since they take all possibilities into consideration. They are excellent strategists. They hate bloodshed. An impatient person can turn him to be quite stubborn. But they always deny their indecisiveness. They are very honest in their business deals. They hate exaggeration. They have a fantastic ability to concentrate and ponder deep on a given subject. The influence of art is great on their lives. Soft blue and pastel shades suit them. Soft light, mellow music, healthy conversation and good food really turn them on. Diamonds and opal and copper are his gems.

A Libran gives plenty of free advice. He has great charm, is very logical and revels in intelligent arguments. He has unmatched reasoning powers. But he also indulges in frustrating inconsistencies. He has plenty of common sense. He revels in crazy contradictions but always smiles. He is full of love and compassion. Being unfair is a crime to him. The fickleness of his mind is almost legendary. He gets friendship and love hopelessly confused. He forgets broken friendship with insulting quickness. He discusses the pros and cons of every subject threadbare. He is fair, accurate, sensible and practical, in his approach. He looks out for facts in each case. He loves to argue with an abstract curiosity, he is extremely trustworthy but is also very liberal in spending and has a lavish hand with cash. Crowds of strangers unnerve him. There is a clear distaste for physical contact with masses (claustrophobia). He hates confusion and needs harmony. He seldom probes the motives of others. There is an urgent sense of fairness. He exercises discipline in children with quiet authority and gives logical reasons for punishment. He also wins them over with his charm. He is a doting parent. But to him the mate comes first and only then the children are next.

Libran woman is a stunning beauty. She has a healthy, logical mind. She assumes responsibility early in life, she has great brain power and have of course a very inviting and delicious smile. She weighs everything twice and has diplomatic tact. She is committed to balanced judgment. She is very fair and, hardworking. She loves dressing up, perfumes, music, etc. Partnership in business and romance, constitute her deepest need. Marriage is truly a joint venture for her. She has amazing power of analysis. She will never reveal your secrets. But she may over indulge in emotions at times. She has good tastes and, a sparkling wit. She can be tough and soft at the same time. She never brags about achievements. She loves her children tenderly and is gentle but firm. She never permits disrespect to her husband. She is always evenly balanced.

A Libran child is a beautiful baby. They have a very sweet expression. They are natural charmers and of course you can never miss that dimple on the face. They cannot decide quickly. It is best to never give him a choice. Do not rush him into anything, but do not scream or shrill at him either. Suggest a solution gently over and over again. Their minds seek the truth. They are kind hearted and hate to hurt your feelings. Clashing tones dips his emotional balance. Pastel shades and soft music brings out the best in them. Violence or cruelly cannot be accepted by them. They need peace, quiet and rest in large doses to recharge their energy. They have charming manners and are fond of debates. They always discuss both the sides of any issue. Therefore, they have a reputation of being rebels. They are sticklers for obeying rules. They do not like to gossip. Confidence is sacred to them. They frown on a hasty judgment of character. Never invade his privacy. He has great musical and artistic abilities.

A Libran is a regular and fair boss. He likes to sit on the fence. He is very restless. He never seems to be in a hurry, is shy, has gentle manners, is a persuasive talker, a great debtor, has logical arguments and is always very convincing. He plans in his mind. He seeks opinion frequently. He is quite fair in his approach but manages to shift blames to someone else. This Sign has more female bosses than any other Sign. He sees both the sides of an argument clearly. He is well dressed. Confidence is sacred to him. He gossips and needs periodic rests. He is either stingy or most generous. But he never betrays trust.

It is essential for Libran workers, that the surroundings should not distract them. If unbalanced they get disgruntled and lazy. They often engage in union activity. They defend labour rights. He has a natural talent of settling disputes and hence becomes a peacemaker. He is quite moody and requires long periods of rest. He likes a law degree. He is often the playboy type, but restricts himself to visual appreciation. Do not shout at him but give logical reasons fm your orders. He is tactful and diplomatic, artistic and philosophical. Hospitals, show business, gardening, department stores and interior decorating as well five star hotels could be closer to their interest.