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Virgo is a Common & an Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Virgin. Its Lord is Mercury (Negative) 

This is one Sign, where one cannot take the symbol literally. Virgo people, in very neat and methodical and notice the smallest of details easily. They have soft and cool manners. They are rather uncomfortable in crowds. They give a definite impression that there is a serious problem on their mind. They are secretly worried, they have a delightful smile, and their eyes are very clear and sparkle with intelligence and clarity or thought. They have delicate nose, ears and lips and are very critical of their own photographs. They are always well turned out. 

A Virgo native usually has a small frame but is nonetheless, quite strong. He can stand unto more intense work for longer duration. His inner anxieties upset his digestive and emotional balance. He strains too much and is very dependable and sincere. He pretends to he sick. He has a talent for acting. He is quite fastidious and exacting in grooming, eating, working and romance. He has very precise ideas and is never vague. He is well known for his clever and Mercurial wit when annoyed he suddenly becomes cranky, irritable and nervous. Virgo people are the finest nurses. They keep mini-drug stores at home and while on tours. They are rather fond of criticizing and hair splitting arguments. They have an orderly Mercurial mind. They bring order Out of chaos. They are quick to deny their habits and have an apparent blindness to their faults. The truth is that they see but cannot bear to hear them generalized. They are incapable of silting still for very long. They are visibly restless and have a vague sense of urgency. THE STILL UNSEEN PLANET VULCAN IS SAID TO BE THE TRUE RULER OF VIRGO. It is the planet of thunder, courage and confidence. In Greek mythology it is the lame God with a brilliant mind. Virgos have a sight limp while walking. They are normally prudent and have an intense dislike of accepting favors. They do not want to be obligated to others. They have no sympathy for beggars, but are unfailingly generous to a friend in trouble. Extravagance shocks them. They have a bug for details. Sometimes they are also quite selfish. Upset stomach, indigestion, intestinal pains, headaches and foot problems are their normal complaints and they are also susceptible to lung ailments arthritis or rheumatic problems and sluggish liver arc also possible. They prefer to be vegetarians by choice. They love small pets. Their main qualities are: truth, punctuality, economy prudence and discreet selectively. They have a practical nature with excessive discrimination. Cool green jade and pure platinum are best jewels for Virgoans. Grey, beige, navy blue, white and all shades of green are best suited for them 

A Virgo Man has unselfish devotion to his family, friends and weaker people. He is a lover of hard work and discipline. He is dramatic, sentimental and tearful. They have few real love affairs. If dejected in love, they bury themselves in hard work and stay away from society in general. They use strategy and patience. Chastity is the best virtue for them. They develop an unfailing obedience to fate. They are capable of critical analysis and fastidious discrimination. They are modest and selective and like to keep aloof. They are pure in their outlook. They want a decent, honest and genuine relationship. They are refined in acting talent. They pretend to be disinterested. They are very dependable and are capable of large sacrifices. They display incredible strength in emotional and material hardships. They have a crystal clear memory. They are possessive in the extreme, very loyal and dislike destroying family ties. They have no strong yearning for fatherhood and tend to have small families. They are conscientious parents. They help their children in their homework. The emphasis is always on intellect. Usually the generation gap is the largest here. Try not to nag him for he is a sensitive hairsplitter.

A Virgo Woman’s spine is made of stainless steel. She is basically shy but has great determination to pursue happiness. She hates hypocrisy and is deadly practical. She has tremendous purity of motives. There is a single-mindedness of purpose, which is unique to Virgos. The physical aspect of love is subdued. She is a perfectionist. She has a dogged belief that no one can be as orderly and efficient as her. She is herself a stickler for promptness. She is also shrewish and fussy but frank in her scolding. Admit you are wrong and do not argue with her. She likes creations of nature and has great clarity of- vision. She likes good manners but docs not go to extremes. She can easily underplay a situation. She has artistic tastes and has a keen perception. She is quite discriminative. Do not criticize her. She is very trustworthy but annoyingly meticulous about small things. Truth is beauty to her. She has quiet courage and deep sense of responsibility. She is a firm disciplinarian. She will never neglect her children and nurses them like an angel. 

The Virgo Children have an uncanny ability to mimic. They are alert and quick and are more peaceful and tranquil than others. They soothe and irritate by turn. They are very meticulous and selective about food. They are fussy eaters. They are very neat and seldom troublesome. They are easier to discipline than most others. Criticism should be used sparingly for they worry unduly almost to the point of illness. They are efficient, dependable, have a pleasant disposition and are cranky if teased. They pay careful attention to details and want to know reasons for all actions. They have an inquisitive and painstaking Virgo mind. They are irritable introverts and are easily embarrassed by their inadequacies; give large daily doses of emotional vitamins for they are very sentimental. They usually criticize every member of the family. They have an excellent sense of responsibility and wisdom beyond their years

A Virgo is not a high-powered executive, but is best as “the power behind the throne”. He dependably carries out original ideas of others. He is a good listener but resorts to deception in self-defense. He is very dedicated to his work and is a painstaking researcher. He has a perfectionist attitude. His desk is always tidy. He sizes up a situation fast. He is frequently impatient and revels in faultfinding. He does not make friends easily.

The position of an Assistant suits him the best. He gives service without a thought of reward or ego satisfaction. He is quietly ambitious and has an eye for details. He has strong analytical ability. He is adaptable, versatile, precise, intelligent and reliable. Service industry suits him the most, e.g. publishing, literary field, medicine, and accounting etc. He can work without supervision and is quite insecure with short cuts. He is not a good salesman. When he is untidy it shows symptoms of emotional unhappiness. Bright colors disturb his quiet nature. He does not like noise or irregular schedules.