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Leo is a Fixed & Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Lion. Its lord is the Sun 

Arrogance, pride and sunny playfulness distinctively describe a Leo. Its best to humor him, they are energetically gregarious and beautifully indolent persons. They live life in royal style. There are no introverted Leos – some only pretend to be introverted. It takes a brave soul to challenge him when he is defending his rights and his dignity. Some Leos mellow with age, but no Leo will ever lower his proud head. 

This native resembles a LION. He has a deceptively lazy look. He walks straight and proud. He has a commanding air and a stately bearing. His movements and speech are deliberate – never fast. He gets to the center of the stage easily. He has a knack of telling you with the most superior and condescending manner, how exactly you should manage your life. They love teaching and hence are good as educators, politicians and psychiatrists. He is deeply wounded when you don’t respect his wisdom and generosity. Simply flatter him, because he loves to bask in the warmth of compliments. Flattery gladdens him, while lack of respect blinds him with rage and in either case it makes him incapable of balanced judgment. He just cannot help feeling superior. He is extremely acute, a superb organizer and a wise distributor of duties. His commands arc surprisingly very effective. Leo expresses approval generously and openly. They are lavish in their hospitality. In family life their fiery pride causes plenty of shattered marriages. They never lean on others for support. Responsibility towards the weak and helpless appeals them. But they disdainfully refuse help for themselves. Very few Leos are cautious with their cash. He is a spectacular gambler at heart. They are wildly extravagant; they dress expensively and always appear well turned out. They spend freely on fun and pleasures.

He often runs high fevers, prone to accidents, and is usually immune to chronic or lingering diseases. He radiates an incredible vitality around him. He has either a very strong or a very weak heart. Pain in the hack and shoulders, spinal trouble, hoarseness or sore throat are his usual complaints. They recuperate with vigor from sickness. They enjoy gossip. They have a fixed nature. It is hard to sway them, though they can sway others with their convincing oratory. A Leo never shirks his duty, helps the defenseless and protects the needy. He is a fiercely loyal friend, but a powerful enemy. He is creative, original, arrogant with an insufferable ego, and suffers from ridiculous spells of vanity. He may wear a Topaz for luck.

A Leo Man likes to have an audience. Always flatter and respect him. Beneath his courteous manners and patient fixity, lie the smoldering fires of proud dignity and arrogant vanity. He is chivalrous, gallant, protective and affectionate. His romances are not trouble free. He is intensely passionate and very jealous. Home can turn into a prison, if things do not go, as he wants. He expects you to belong to him mind, body and soul. He has an impulsive temper. It is always better to calm him with reason. He needs your stability to balance his irrational pride. He cannot stand a career girl. The family revolves round him. If he gets respect he will repay with ample generosity. He is very faithful but also very lazy.

He plays affectionately with his cubs. He has sudden gambling urges. He always bids higher at auctions. He has an uncanny knack at fixing things. He is very mechanical. He is the life of most parties. He always attracts attention. He has a roving; eye and appreciates beauty but is net malicious. He is brutally frank and totally untactful. But he cannot cope with real cruelty. He tends to marry below his station in life and seldom raises large families. Flatter him into submission. He has an insatiable appetite. He is proud as a Peacock, but secretly fears failures.

The Lioness is truly sentimental. She keeps scrapbooks and is a social leader of her group. She is born to rule; dictate style, manners, etc. Grace, beauty and sex appeal she has in plenty. Do not expect to tame her. She is very smoothes, suave and calm but hides her claws while sharpening them daily. She enjoys gifts. She hates vulgarity and slang. She woos royalty, admires a muscular man and loves sports. She is uncomfortable in shabby, surroundings. Poverty depresses her. She feels above the common masses. Actually she is the kindest of the females. She is intelligent, witty, strong, capable and yet quite feminine. She does not relish confinement at home. She spends a fortune on cosmetics to show results. Her wardrobe is expensive. She is a superb hostess. She showers love on her children but is also strict. If not respected, she withdraws with regal silence. She is proud of her accomplishment. She keeps a watchful eye on her cubs and does not mix easily with strangers. She invariably becomes the center of attraction. She has a deep need for applause and adulation. Humoring her vanity is the easiest way to attract her attention.

The Leo cubs are sunny, playful and jolly. They should never be put down. They develop a habit of early bossing and are natural leaders. They have a sense of justice and fair play; they have a strong urge to show off. They have a regal bearing and keep dignity and distance; they like adoration are quite reckless and lazy. If spoilt he can be a tyrant. They need strict and loving discipline. Basically there are two types of Leo children 
(a) Extroverts, Gay, outgoing, warm and generous. 
(b) Introverts, quieter and timid on the, surface.

If their ego is suppressed, they turn out to be unhealthy. They enjoy games of challenge that have a clement of chance. They are strong willed. The Leo girls arc also tomboyish. They rebel against menial tasks. They must be forced to develop good study habits. Always appeal to his vanity to get results. They notice opposite sex early in life and usually have a turbulent adolescence. They are dramatic and need freedom.

A Leo executive is an excellent Organizer. He delegates authority easily. He is not fond of details, he likes original ideas He may seem ungrateful. He has great vitality and is proud of his reputation. He admires daring, creative and hard work and is never stingy with compliments. He may seem arrogant, but is a good-natured optimist. He is born to command. He hates secrets kept from him. He melts under the force of flatter. He is warm and generous to a fault. He truly deserves to be admired.

On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore a Leo worker. He is dignified and loves titles. Leadership comes naturally to him and can take charge of a situation. He is loyal and devoted. Responsibility comes late to him. He is a natural showman and is an excellent sales promoter. He secretly fears failures. He is at his best in a crisis. Teachers, salesmen, lawyers, managers, actors- plumbers and tourist guides are his favorite jobs. Politics and public relations are his ‘main forte. He works hard. If not flattered, half of his potential is lost.