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Cancer is It Movable & a Watery Sign and it symbol is Crab. Its Lord is the Moon 

Vivid imaginations, many moods and changing emotions are always associated with the Sign Cancer. Their changing moods synchronize with the phases and the movement of Moon. They have a deep, throaty undertone. Lunar humor runs deep. Sensitive observation of human behavior is their hallmark. They have an uncanny sense of publicity. They enjoy attention and bask in the reflected glow of applause. But they arc pessimists and have a dreamy imagination. They easily conquer their fears. Their tears are genuine and they cannot tolerate cruelty. They suffer from chills rather than fevers. When hurt, they withdraw in reproachful silence. They also can retaliate but do so secretly. In the midst of uncertainty, despair and sadness, they seek retreat in solitude – just like a crab does.

The physical description of a Cancerian is essentially of two types: 

Handsome round face, soft skin, gay smiling mouth, circular eyes and a baby faced look.

Large head, overhanging brow, high check bones accompanied with a permanent frown.

They usually have a pronounced lower jaw. Their teeth are prominent while the eyes are small and fall apart. They have a bony structure. The arms and legs are extra long in proportion to the rest of the body. They have very expressive features and possess a very retentive memory. They learn from experience. They love to collect antiques, old treasures, coins, stamps, etc. They can be relied upon to guard secrets. People confide easily in them. Their compassion is deep and intuitive, but they guard their inner feelings well. They normally do not give things up without a struggle.

Observe the movements of a crab. They never go directly – they move in all directions and then when the chance comes, they lunge forward and hold their prey tight. Cancer’s heart is soft at the core too. These persons need precedents to follow. Assurance of financial security is a must for them. They tend to brood over their mistakes. They love their home with respect and reverence and never feel really secure in life. They spend their leisure time on the beach.

The most vulnerable areas of the body are chest, breasts, knees, kidneys, bladder and skin. They also have ulcerous tendency. Negative thoughts bring illness, but they also have miraculous power of self-healing. They are lovers of gardening. They spend frugally. They are very capable managers of funds and accumulate cash reserves easily. They are generous but cautious. Food represents security to them. Wasting food is crime to them. They have strong, maternal instincts. Pale gold and silvery as well as pale green, mauve and lavender colors suit them. Emeralds, pearls and moonstones are the jewels associated with them.

A Cancer Man does not mix easily. He never confides in strangers and never parts with secrets even to his best friends. He is cautious and pessimist and is a romantic dreamer. His heart is soft and affectionate. Reassure him at all times, for he appreciates words of love. He has a religious fervor. He collects all old things and has a shrewd sense of value of money. He has artistic talent but is conservative in dresses. He never dethrones mother. Essentially, he is very domesticated, but could either be very close to or totally alienated from the family. There will never be a casual relationship in his case. He loves to be petted and babied. He is a good chef himself. He is a devotee of finer things of life. He is proud of his family tree and delights, in the background. Photography is his favorite hobby. He is very sentimental in love and his standards are high. Naturally, he is quite shy but has infinite patience. He is fiercely protective of daughters and get cranky when they show independence. No Cancerian can think straight when lunar vibrations are strong.

The Cancerian Woman is well known for her sudden but rare spending sprees. There is a strange transformation ion when she is alone on a beach on a full moon night. But is usually shy and sweet when the moon is waning. She is an interesting conversationalist. She hates to be critical and is deeply wounded by ridicule. She cannot stand being rejected. She never makes the first move. She always gives importance to her mother-in-law. Never crack mother-in-law jokes in their presence, but instead, assure her always. She is a good cook. There is need to remove her feelings of inadequacy. She has rich humor and sincere devotion. She never plays with her heart and develops emotions for people closest to her. Slightest unintentional remarks can easily wound her. She is very touchy, cries a lot and is over-sentimental. She is very possessive but not jealous. Patience is her virtue. She is capable of heroic sacrifice and is a tower of strength to her children, as she is sensitive and understanding. Cancer rules motherhood. She has a clear and photographic memory.

Cancer babies change moods frequently. They learn by experience and have a busy mind. They talk by their eyes. They have elastic expressions and have strong emotional needs. Early home environment has an everlasting effect on them. They are too shy to express their real inner desires. They want to be cuddled. Rejections can crush them. They are quite easy to manage and are well disciplined. They can play by themselves for hours and arc independent in their thinking. They form very few, warm friendships. They are afraid to go to sleep in the dark. They require much emotional security in early life in order to grow up as patient, generous and confident adults. They can imagine hurts or slights and dream up rejection. They seldom forget dates and events. They are very sensitive and can easily exaggerate situations. It is best to bypass nicknames (Fatty, skinny, etc.) Try to refrain from teasing them for otherwise you call easily hurt their sensitive nature.

The Cancerian boss is a serious and hard-working boss who doe’s not tolerate fun during working hours. To make money is his main aim. He is good in trading activities. He starts earning early in life. He has an elephantine memory. He seldom rests on family laurels. He is not greedy, but is deeply sensitive and basically insecure. He has remarkable insight into the feelings of his staff. He is very perceptive. Solitude is fearful to him. His mind is always alert and practical.

A Cancerian actually works devotedly and works for security. He is very dependable and tenacious. He easily takes responsibility and accepts discipline with calm docility. Lie has a multitude of fears and nagging self-doubts. He needs affection. To get the best out of him give love, but remain impersonal. Put them in a receptive frame of mind. Invite them to meals. They are generally steady and reliable workers, very sober and with deep emotions. He has childish behavior. He seldom advertises his moves in advance.