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Gemini is Common and Airy Sign and its symbol is the Twins. Its lord is Mercury (Positive)
There are two distinct sides to a Gemini’s changeable personality. It is often hard to tell where reality ends and illusion begins. They change their minds pretty fast. The true Geminian is a browser – brief scanning of pages – reading the last page first and skips back and forth. His nervous energy snaps easily.

The build of a Gemini person is generally slender, agile and taller than average, they have small, sharp features and beautiful, crystal clear eyes. They never rest their eyes on an object for more than a few seconds. They have alert and quick moving eyes. The complexion is rather pale. There is an air of eagerness about Geminian. The nose is long and straight and dainty. They have a receding hairline and a rather high forehead. They talk themselves in and out of situations with great ease. They think fast. They can be sharply critical too. They are inquisitive and survey the scene with excited curiosity. They have an ageless appearance and boast of excellent intelligence. They can easily do two things at once. They resent drudgery and monotony. They are not very punctual and they argue convincingly. There is an irresistible sales pitch in their talk. They disguise their true motive. Versatility in speech is their hallmark. They are experts in the field of human relationships and makes good diplomats. As this Sign rules writing they can turn a clever phrase and can often string words together intelligently. They hate to answer correspondence – since they are reluctant to be pinned down to an opinion. Gemini authors generally use a pseudonym or adopt an alias. They sometimes cloud their speech with a web of lies and deception. But generally they are quite honest. As promoters they are super. They need lots of sleep and rest. Shoulders, arms, hands and fingers are susceptible to accidents or to infection. Arthritis, rheumatism or migraine disorders arc possible. They have a searching and impatient nature. They are mental explorers. They indulge in brilliant humor, tact, diplomacy and adroitness. Yet they lack persistence and patience. Yellow, green, blue, silver and gray colors suit them the most. 

They are delightful conversationalists and are loaded with witty remarks. They have impeccable manners. Their whims change fast: causing you to imagine confusion. They are moody, irritable, impatient and critical. They have wide range of interests. They have an unconscious urge to disguise their true intent. They seek to confuse you. Do not rebel against his changeable moods. 

They seek mental companions. They are no egoists. They thrive on mental challenge. They change friends fast and have very few deep lasting attachments. They are generous and miserly, alternatively. They have a sense of fairness and are good mind readers. They spoil children by their sudden stinging and sarcastic speech. They are not possessive. Their love is platonic, not physical. 

There is lack of interest in the earthy passion of a Geminian woman. Their mind is always moving. Until she matures, romance is merely a game to her. She is very fickle minded and unpredictable. Through her imagination she creates many fantasies. She needs pity not anger. She has sharp mentality and cannot be very consistent. She is highly independent and mixes freely.

The Gemini Child wants to seek, explore and learn. These children have a bird like, quick movements and have no trouble to learn easily. They are mechanically inclined. Their fingers are slim and flexible. They have an uncanny ability to mimic. They can learn languages easily. Lack of patience and unwillingness to persist are their chief areas of setback. They are always curious.

A Gemini boss is a brilliant a restless executive. He is not equipped to command. He deals with ideas, principles, etc. He delegates authority easily and is not impressed with tradition. His opinions are flexible. He has good business acumen, a good power of personating and good sense of humor. They have sharp sarcasm. He is best suited as a Salesman as he is an expert at double talk.

A Gemini worker can easily develop an abstract idea. He has a built-in ability to deal with emergencies. He meets a crisis swiftly but is easily bored with routine. Sales promotional activities are best suited to his interests. He is also interested in sports.