Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Once on a time while roaming a-hunting in the forest, the prince, having killed deer, boars, tigers and other animals, heard all on a sudden the voice of a female, (saying): – “Save me! save!” and bewailing in piteous accents suppressed by fear. (1-2) Exclaiming “Don’t fear! don’t fear” that prince quickly urged on his steed to whence the sound proceeded. (3) There bewailed the damsel in that lonely forest being caught firm by the hair by the son of Danu. (4) (She said) “A non-aryan is taking me away in this forest who am the wife of the intelligent king Avikshita, the son of Karandhama. (5) All the kings, Gandharvas, as well as Guhyakas are not capable of standing before him. I am his wife and am being carried away. (6) He has the anger of death and prowess of Sakra. I am the wife of that son of Karandhama and am being carried away.” (7)

Markandeya said: – Hearing this that prince, who had the bow in his hand, thought. “How is this? My wife in the forest. (8) Forsooth this is the illusion of the wicked Rakshasas who live in the forest. Or who has come here? I shall ascertain the cause of all.” (9) Going there speedily he saw in that forest a highly beautiful maiden adorned with all ornaments. She was caught by the hair by the son of Danu, with a club in his hand and was repeatedly exclaiming “Save me! Save me!”. (10-11)

He said: – “Don’t fear, don’t fear. He is already slain. The king Karandhama governing the earth, what wicked man can live here? All the kings of the earth have been humbled by his prowess”. (12) Beholding him approach, with an excellent bow in his hand, that slender-made damsel said “Save me! save me! I am being carried away by him. I am the daughter-in-law of the king Karandhama and the wife of Avikshita. I have a lord but am being carried away by this wicked (demon) like one who has none”. (13-14)

Markandeya said: – Thereupon Avikshita began to consider the words given vent to by her. (He thought) “How is she my wife and the daughter-in law of my father? (15) I shall first release this fair one and then ascertain the cause. The Kshatriyas hold their arms for saving the distressed.” (16) Thereupon the heroe, worked up with anger, said to that highly wicked demon: – “Live and go and let her alone; or else you will not live”. (17) Thereupon releasing her and taking up his club the demon ran towards him. He too covered him with shafts. (18) Having been covered with arrows, that demon, excited with pride, hurled his club, coated with a hundred goads, at that prince. (19) While it was about to fall (on him) the prince cut it into pieces with his arrows. Then taking it up immediately with a loud cry Dama stood in the battle-field. (20) Creating a down pour of shafts he discharged them at Dama. He too cut them into pieces with pikes shot off his bow. (21) Then the demon discharged a stone at the prince. That too, discharged by his light handedness, fell down baffled on earth. (22) The prince easily cut into pieces with arrows all the weapons that the demon hurled at him in anger. (23)

Thereupon having his club and all the weapons broken, the demon, clenching his fist, ran towards the prince. (24) Thereupon cutting off his head, who fell on him, with a Vetasa leaf the prince threw it on the ground. (25) That wicked demon being slain all the gods began to praise Karandhama’s son saying “well done! well done!” (26) On being addressed by the gods saying “pray for a boon” the prince said “I pray for a son, highly powerful, for encompassing the delight of my sire.” (27)

The Gods said: – “O sinless one, you will beget a highly powerful son, a lord Paramount, on this girl released by you.” (28)

The prince said: – I have made this promise by my sire that I shall wish for a son. But being thrown down on earth by the kings I gave up all desire of taking a wife. (29) And so I did renounce the daughter of king Vishala; she too for me has declined to take any other husband. (30) Tell me then how leaving aside the daughter of Vishala I shall like, a cruel hearted person, take any other woman as my wife? (31)

The Gods said: – She is your wife of whom you spoke so highly, the daughter of Vishala having fair eye-brows and who is carrying on penances for you. (32) On her you will beget a heroic son, who will conquer the seven insular continents, perform a thousand sacrifices and who will be Lord Paramount. (33)

Markandeya said: – O twice born one, having said this to Karandhama’s son the gods went away. He too then said to his wife: – “O timid lady, what is this?” (34)

She then said to him: – “Having been forsaken by you and left behind all my people, I came here out of disgust of mind. (35) Here, O heroe, having my body weakened by hard austerities I was about to renounce my life when an emissary of the gods brought me the intelligence.

(36) “You will give birth to a highly powerful son who will be Lord Paramount. He will satisfy the gods and destroy the demons.” (37) Having been thus informed of the command of the gods by their emissary I did not renounce my life with the hope of being united with you. (38) Day before yesterday, O great one, I went to the Ganges to bathe. As soon as I got there I was over-powered by an old serpent. (39) Then I was taken by him to Rasatala. There thousands of serpents, their wives and sons pleased me and others adored me; then the serpents and their females humbly prayed to me. (40-41) “Show us the favour of preventing your son from slaying us who will offend him. (42) The (serpents) living on air will commit offence by your son. You should prevent him. Show us this favour”. (43) After I had said ‘so be it’ I was adorned with beautiful ornaments of Patala flowers, scents and heavenly raiments.

(44) Then I was brought here by the serpent equally beautiful and graceful as I was before. (45) Seeing me thus beautiful and adorned with ornaments this highly wicked demon caught me by the hair with a view to carry me away. (46) O prince, I have now been released by the strength of your arms, O you of large arms; be pleased and take me. There is no other prince on this earth like you. I speak the truth. (47)