Chapter 71 to 137

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The Rishi said, Sumbha perceived the discomfiture of his forces, and the death of his brother Nisumbha, who was dear to him as his own soul, and furiously said. “O wicked Durga! do not be proud,” “O immodest one! you prevail by the aid of others.” Devi said, “I am alone, who is there besides me in this world. “O profligate one! behold, it is my essence alone that is created into many forms.” As she spoke Brahmani and the other goddesses dominations, and powers coalesced to her spirit; the goddess then became alone and sole. Devi said, “I can assume at will several forms, but now shall retain one form only, meet me therefore in battle.” The Rishi said, after this challenge Sumbha and the goddess began a fierce combat; the gods and demons stood spectators of this dreadful encounter. With showers of arrows, powerful weapons, and cruel arms, they both desperately fought for the dominion of the universe. Amvika discharged hundreds of divine shafts, the chief of the Daityas opposed them by others. Parameswari sportively destroyed his holy arrows by the sound of her voice Humçara. The Asura covered the goddess with hundreds of arrows she growing enraged, destroyed his bow with her arrows. The chief of the giants, having lost this weapon, speedily grasped a Sakti, but the goddess cut it in pieces while it was yet in his hand. The king of the Daityas took his sword and the shield Sata-Chandra, blazing like the sun, he ran furiously towards the goddess. Chandika cut through his sword and discharged her keen arrows, pure as the beams of the sun. The giant having lost his steeds, chariot, and bow, seized a tremendous Mudgara, intending to kill Amvika. She again cut it by her keenest arrows, he ran at her with his fist. He hastily shot a musti, she made it to fall; and struck the bosom of the chief of the Daityas. The severity of the blow felled him to the earth; the king of giants speedily rose up again, and flew up to heaven with the desire of laying hold on the goddess; though he was incumbent in the skies, he fought with Chandika. They mutually fought in the sky, and performed wondrous feats in battle, to the astonishment of the sages and angels. By leaping, turning, and casting each other on the earth; they fought a long while. The ill disposed descended to the earth, directly closing his fist with an intention of killing Chandika. The goddess saw the lord of giants, coming and pierced his bosom with her trident, and made him to fall on the ground. He yielded his life, being transfixed by the trident of the goddess; as he fell on the earth, the seven islands and mountains moved. Every one was delighted at the death of the miscreant, the world was in peace; the sky became serene. The clouds dissolved in air; inauspicious omens, henceforth ceased; while the sun beams converged as usual; and the rivers flowed in the beds assigned them. All the gods were filled with joy; Gandharvas, on his death pleasantly sang. Others shouted, Apsaras danced; hallowing breezes began to blow; the sun became resplendent. The inflaming fire moderated; the noise of the elephants of the regions was hushed; the planets revolved in peace; the moon enlightened the whole firmament. Thus far is related in the tenth Chapter, containing the death of Sumbha.