Chapter 71 to 137

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Kraustuki said: – You have described all Manus beginning with Swayambhuva as well as the gods, kings, and Rishis of those periods. (1) Do thou describe in detail the seven Manus and the various gods of those Manwantaras that will rise in the present Kalpa. (2)

Markandeya said: – I have spoken to you about Savarni the son of the illusory Sajna. He is equal to the previous Manus and will be the eighth. (3) Rama, Vyasa, Galava, Diptiman, Kripa, Rishyashringa, and Drouni will be the seven Rishis in that period. (4) Ara, Sutapa and Amitabha, were the gods – divided into sixty classes. (5) Tapa, Tapas, Shatru, Dyuti, Jyoti, Prabhakara, Prabhasa, Dayita, Dharma, Teja, Rashmi, Vakratu and others were the twenty deities called Sutapa. Prabhu, Vibhu, Vibhasa and others were the twenty of the class of deities called Amitabha. Hear, I shall describe the third class; Dama, Danta, Rita, Soma, Vinta and others were the twenty of the class of gods called Mukhya, they were all the lords of Manwantaras; they were the descendants of the Patriarch, Maricha the son of Kashyapa; they will be gods in the Manwantara of Manu Savarni. (6-9) O Muni, Virochana’s son Bali is their future Indra. He is still now, by virtue of a contract, living in the nether region. (10) Virajacharvavira, Nirmoha, Satyavak, Kriti, Vishnu and others will be the sons of Manu Savarni. (11)