Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Thereupon the heroic mother of Avikshita, a mother of heroic sons, summoning him on an auspicious day, said: (1) “O my son, I shall fast for observing the vow of Kimichaka. I have been ordered by your high-souled sire. (2) This is within the power of yourself and myself. If you promise, my son, I shall take the vow. (3) I shall confer upon you the half of your father’s treasure. The wealth is your father’s (no doubt) but I have obtained permission from him. (4) The vow, although a very hard one, is in my power and will produce well-being. Even if you can accomplish it by putting forth your power and energy, even if it be beyond your power, or you can accomplish it with difficulty, still if you promise it, O my son, I shall get it; speak out your mind”. (5-6)

Avikshita said: – “Wealth is in my father’s possession. I am not its master. Whatever can be accomplished by my body, I shall do it at your command. (7) You will accomplish your Kimichaka vow, O mother, if you have obtained the permission of my father, the king, who is the master of riches. Remove your anxiety and sorrow”. (8) Thereupon the queen began to observe the vow. With words, body and mind restrained she began to worship the king of kings, the numberless Nidhis, the protectors thereof and as well as Lakshmi, (the goddess of riches) with great devotion. (9-10) The king Karandhama, while he was seated in his house, was thus addressed by his ministers well-versed in the science of Polity. (11)

The ministers said: – O king, governing the earth you have grown old. You have only one son Avikshita who has made up his mind not to take a wife. (12) While that sonless (prince) shall engage in religions practices, O king, the earth shall forsooth pass into the hands of your enemies. (13) You race will be exterminated and the ancestral manes will be deprived of water and Pinda. This great fear of the enemies will put obstacles in your religious practices. (14) Therefore accomplish that, O king, by which your son may cherish a desire leading to the well-being of your ancestral manes. (15)

Markandeya said: – In the meantime the king heard the words addressed by the priest to the beggars. (16) “Who wants what? What is there which it will be hard for them to achieve since Karandhama’s queen is observing the vow Kimichaka.” (17) Hearing the priest’s words the prince Avikshita said to all the beggars assembled at the palace-gate. (18) “Let every one say what he wants. I shall even accomplish it with my body. My great mother is observing the vow of Kimichaka. (16) Hear, O ye beggars, I promise that I shall give whatever you will want for the vow of Kimichaka is being observed (by my mother). Thereupon hearing these words given vent to by his son the king approaching him said: – “O son, I am a beggar: Give me what I wish”. (21)

AVIKSHITA said: – Tell me, O father, what I shall have to give you, even if it be very difficult to procure, whether within my power or not.” (22)

The KING said: – “If you are truthful, give me what I wish. Show me the face of my grandson seated on my lap”. (23)

Avikshita said: – I am your only son, O king, and am observing a life of celibacy. How can I show you the face of a grandson? (24)

THE KING said: – The life of celibacy, that you are leading, is taking you to sin. Therefore release yourself from that and show me a grandson. (25)

AVIKSHITA said: – This is a difficult thing, O king; order me for some thing else. Retiring from the world I have given up associating with females. (26)

THE KING said: – I have been seeing my many enemies coming off victorious. Still if you wish to retire from the world, you are an ignorant man. (26) What is the use of speaking more? Give up your life of celibacy. Show me and your mother the face of a grandson. (28)

MARKANDEYA said: – Although repeatedly requested by his son the king did not pray for any thing else. The son then said again. (29) “Offering to give you what you will want I have fallen into a great difficulty, O father; therefore, being shameless, I shall take a wife. (30) Before a female I was vanquished and thrown on earth. I shall be again the husband of a woman. O father, it is a very hard thing (for me). (31) Still what shall I do? I have come within the fold of truth. I shall do what you say; govern your own kingdom.” (32)