Chapter 71 to 137

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The Rishi said, when the chief of the Asuras was killed by the goddess, Indra, Suras, and Vanhi appeared before her, and with joyful countenances advanced to greet Katyani for the favor she had conferred on them. O goddess! thy countenance removes the grievances of thy people, thou art the beneficent mother of the whole universe. O sovereign of the world! save the earth. Mayest thou preserve the world; thou art the goddess of animates and inanimates. Thou dost sustain alone the world in the form of the earth, O paragon of heroism! thou as water refreshest all the people. Thou art the power of Vaishnavi, thy valour is endless, thou art the element of the universe, thou art the supreme illusion, O goddess! thou bindest all things in love, thou art the great first cause, thou art the bestower of salvation on the earth, thou art the essence of all sciences, thou art the rich one, thou fillest all things, – who can praise thy holy eloquence? Thou art the bestower of heaven, and salvation on all creatures; what expression can sufficiently applaud thee? I salute thee, O goddess! Narayani, who liveth in the hearts of thy subjects, as a form of intellect, and giveth to paradise a local and unperishable abode. I salute Narayani, who protects all things in a spiritual and material form, she is the over-ruling power of the universe. I salute Narayani, who is the auspicious bestower of prosperity, happiness, and every desire; who is the conferrer of obligations, who is three eyed and brown. I salute Narayani, who has power to create, preserve, and destroy; who is the reservoir of virtue from all ages. I salute the goddess Narayani who saveth those that seek her protection, who comforteth the wretched and grieved; who is the dispeller of all sorrows. I salute Narayani, who sits mounted on a car, drawn by divine swans, who asumes the form of Brahmani, and eats vegetables. I salute Narayani, holder of the Suras, Chundra, Jyuda, who rides on the ample ox in the form of Maheswari. I salute Narayani, attended by the peacock, and holder of the mighty mountain on her nails who acquired the form of Kaumari. I salute Narayani, the possessor of the Sanka, Chakra, Gada, and Sarna; who favors all in the form of Vaishnavi. I salute Narayani, who took the ample Chakra, and sustained the earth on her proboscis, in the form of Varaha and Siva. I salute Narayani, who assumed the wrathful form of Nrisimhi, and slew the giants to preserve the three worlds. I salute Narayani, who is crowned Indra, the holder of the Vajra, who glowes with one thousand eyes, the drawer of the soul of Vritra. I salute Narayani, who destroyed the valiant giants, in the form of Siva Duti, whose form was dreadful in the great battle. I salute Narayani, whose teeth and mouth are frightful like the lions; and who is adorned by a necklace of skulls; the crusher of the head of Chamunda; the modest; the omniscient; the faithful; and strong Swadha; the steady; the mighty; and the skilled in abundant arts. I salute Narayani, who is intelligence and excellence; Sarawati; the bestower of prosperity; the wrathful; the austere; and the giver of all benefits. I salute the goddess Durga, who has mainfold forms; who is the lord of all things: abounding with different powers; the saviour of the fearful. I salute Katyani, whose face is mild; who is adorned with three eyes; who preserves all creatures. I salute Bhadra-Kali, whose face is terrific; who destroyed the whole race of giants; may such a trident guard the fearful. May the bell of the goddess, the sound of which has appalled the energy of the giants, and penetrated through all the worlds: preserve us as its children. We prostrate ourselves to Chandika, whose exquisitely bright sword was stained by the blood and flesh of the giants; and became the instrument of the death of Sumbha. Thou healing from all kind of disorders, givest pleasure and strength to all people; those that desire to follow thee, shall not feel distress, but will be restored. Thou hast destroyed the great Asuras, who are the enemies of virtue, by thy actions and transfigurations. Thou art supremely exalted in the sciences; in knowledge; in wisdom; in eloquence; in virtuous practice; the world is overwhelmed in the excess of thy love. Thou dwellest even among venomous serpents; amongst hardened and depraved robbers; and where there are combustibles and fire; thou art in the sea, and thou supportest the world. O Goddess of the universe! thou shouldest preserve the world, thou pervadest through the world holding it. The world prostrates itself to thee; thou art followed by the world; thou art faithfully loved by the world. O Goddess! protect and preserve the people from the fear of enemies, by destroying always the giants, as thou didst of late: extinguish the sins of the world, which proceed from accidental causes. O Goddess! thou shouldest favour him, who humbly bows; O dispeller of universal alarm! the inhabitants of the three worlds, shall

prostrate themselves to thee; O bless the people! Devi said, “O band of Suras! I will bless you; ask, and I will bestow what you desire, for the benefit of the gods.” The Devas replied, “O supreme goddess of the three worlds! we solicit thee to expel all danger and destroy our enemies; this is thy task.” Devi said, on the twenty-eighth age of Vibhaswatta, Sumbha, and Nisumbha, shall be regenerated. I shall reside on the mountain of Vindhya, I shall be born in the race of cowherds in the womb of Yasoda, and destroy them. I shall be incarnate on the earth, and shall slay the great giant Viprochitta, I shall have my teeth red, like pomegranate flowers, then all the gods and mankind shall give me applause and call me constantly Racta-Dantica. A famine shall happen for one hundred years without rain; being greeted by the sages I shall be self-born. Then shall I look at the sages with one hundred eyes, therefore mortals will call me Satakshi, (or hundred eyes.) The whole world shall subsist by the divine vegetable, which shall be produced from my body until the rain shall fall. I shall be esteemed in the earth by the name of Sacumbhari, the preserver by vegetables, I shall be denominated Durga Devi. I again shall assume a dreadful form on the mountain Himachala, and devour the giants to protect the sages: all the ascetics will bow and applaud me. I shall be called Bhima-Devi, when Aruna shall disturb the three world; then I shall turn a roving beettle. I will destroy the great giant for the advantage of these three worlds: all will applaud me by the name of Bramhani in the world. Whenever disturbances shall arise from the giants, then I shall incarnate and destroy the enemies. Thus far is related in the eleventh Chapter, mentioning the death of Sumbha and Nisumbha.