Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Hearing the words of the ascetic the king was filled with shame. Then saying, “Fie on me who am negligent” and sighing he took up his bow. (1) Thereupon speedily repairing to the hermitage of Aurva he touched the feet of his father’s mother Veera with his head. (2) The ascetics too duly welcomed him. Beholding the seven Rishis bitten by the serpents on the ground the King blamed himself in their presence.

He said: – “May the entire world with gods, demons and men see how I deal with the wicked serpents who have disregarded my prowess and proved hostile to the Brahmanas. (3-5)

Markandeya said: – Having said this, the king, in anger, took up the weapon called Samvartaka for the destruction of the innumerable serpents living in Patala. (6) Thereupon O Vipra, there was a conflagration all around the city of Nagas, on its being continually burnt down by the effulgence of the great weapon. (7) Being assailed by that weapon the serpents began to give vent to words as “O father! O mother! O child!”. (8) Some with their tails burnt, some with their hoods burnt, taking their wives and sons with them, keeping aside their ornaments and clothes and renouncing Patala proceeded to seek refuge with Bhamini, the mother of Marutta, who had formerly promised them protection. (9-10) Having approached her they all, stricken with fear, saluting her, said with suppressed words “Remember what you said to us before. (11) Formerly we worshipped you in Rasatala for something; the time for that is now come. Save us, O mother of heroes. (12) O queen, stop your son, save our lives. The entire region of the serpents is being burnt down by the fire of his weapon. (13) Save you there is no other refuge for us, who are being thus consumed by your son. Have pity on us, O illustrious lady”. (14) Hearing their words and remembering her former words the chaste lady addressed the following words respectfully to her husband. (15)

Bhamini said: – Formerly in Patala, the serpents welcoming you addressed to you some words regarding your son. (16) They are now being consumed by his energy and have come here in fear. Formerly I promised them protection. (17) Those who have sought my protection have also sought your protection for observing the same religious life with you I am now under your protection. (18) Therefore stop your son Marutta. At your words and requesting me he will, forsooth, be pacified. (19)

Avikshita said: – For their great iniquity Marutta has been worked up with anger. Irrepressible is the ire of my son, I think. (20)

The Serpents said: – O king, we have sought refuge with thee. Do thou show us the favour; the use of arms is for the protection of the afflicted. (21)

Markandeya said: – Hearing the words of the serpents who came for protection and being requested by his wife the highly illustrious Avikshita said: -(22) “O gentle lady, I shall soon go and request your son to save the serpents. Those, who seek protection, should never be forsaken. (23) If he does not withdraw his weapon at my words I shall oppose the weapon of my son with mine”. (24) Thereupon taking up his bow, Avikshita, the foremost of Kshatriyas, speedily left for the hermitage of Bhargava along with his wife. (25)