Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Having obtained the kingdom Kshanitra’s son Kshupa pleased and righteously governed all the subjects like a father. (1) As that king was charitable and the performer of sacrifices, so was he, in the conduct of men, impartial towards his friends and foes. (2) O Muni, one day while he was in his own room, the panegyrists said that he was like the king Kshupa of the days of yore. (3) Brahma’s son Kshupa was formerly the king of the earth; the conduct of the present (king) was like his. (4)

The king said: – “I wish to hear of the life of the great Kshupa. I shall try to lead a life like his”.


The panegyrists said: – “O king, formerly the king Kshupa freed the kine and the Brahmanas from taxes. And that high-souled one used to celebrate sacrifices with, the sixth portion of his revenue”. (6)

The king said: – “What man like myself can imitate those high-souled kings? How can one like myself endeavour to follow their best conduct? (7) Hear what promise I have recently made. I shall imitate the conduct of that great king Kshupa. (8) I make this promise on this earth of four Varnas that I shall celebrate three sacrifices each with one corn. (9) I shall return the taxes to the Brahmanas and the kine which they had paid before to the king.” (10)

Markandeya said: – Having promised this Kshupa satisfied it. That foremost, of those who celebrate sacrifices, performed three sacrifices with one corn. (11) He made gifts to other Brahmanas and kine equivalent to the value of the rents paid to him by the Brahmanas and the kine. (12) That king begat on his queen Pramatha a highly heroic and praiseworthy son by whose prowess and bravery all the kings were brought to subjection. (13) Nandini, of Vidharbha, became his wife; that lord begat on her a son by name Vivingsha. (14) While the highly powerful Vivingsha governed the earth, its whole surface was continually filled to the brim with people. (15) The clouds discharged showers in proper time and the earth yielded harvest. The corns were ripe and the fruits were juicy. (16) All the juices conduced to the nourishment – and this nourishment was not converted into the instrument of madness for any one. Although coming by immense riches people were not inflated with pride. (17) O great Muni, the enemies were terrified by his prowess and the friends, attaining health, were filled with delight. (18) Having celebrated many sacrifices, governed the earth well and been killed in a battle he attained to the region of Shakra. (19)