Chapter 71 to 137

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O King, these are the excellent actions of the Devi I mentioned now, such is this glorious goddess, the holder of the universe. The illusion of the divine Vishnu constructed this vast machine; by her, you, the Vysa, and others are being bound in love. O chief sovereign, go to the assylum of the goddess, whoever adores her, will enjoy both heaven and earth. Markandeya said, Surdha, hearkened to his words; the chief of mankind, the possessor of great shares, prostrated himself before him and made a vow. Being puzzled by love, and deprived of his kingdom, he instantly repaired to perform devotion. The Vysa remained on the shoal of the river to have an interview with goddess. He performed the devotion praying, repeating the Devi-Sukti, he made a clay form of the goddess on the shoal, and invoked her with flowers, incense, Arghya, Tarpana, and other offerings. He mortified his body, and in this manner he worshipped for three years. Chandika, the matron of the world, being pleased, appeared to him, and said, “O King, Prince of a goodly tribe! I have heard you pray, and cheerfully bestow on you all you request. Markandeya said, the monarch being distressed, entreated her to restore his realm, vanquished by the arms of his enemies. He Vysa, having a susceptible heart, implored from her wisdom, and abstraction from social and secular concerns. Devi said to the king, O lord of men! you will destroy your enemies and resume your kingdom; you shall afterwards die and be regenerated as Vibhaswata, by the name of Savarnika Manu of the earth. O excellent Vysa, according to your desires you shall obtain wisdom, the goddess thus blessed them and granted their desires; she then vanished. Suradha, the chief Chatreyah, having thus obtained her blessings, became Savurni Manu in his next birth. Thus far is related in the thirteenth Chapter, containing the plaudits of Chandika, and ends Chandipat Parvas.