Chapter 71 to 137

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Devi said, he who for ever joyfully applauds me, him I will undoubtedly shield from all kinds of danger. Whoever recites the dissolution of Madhu and Kaitabha, and the destruction of Mahishasura; likewise the death of Sumbha and Nisumbha, on the Astami or eighth, Navami or ninth, Chaturdasi or fourteenth, with an intent and pure heart and faithfully praise of my noble actions, they shall incur no manner of sin, shall never be exposed to distress, and never suffer any trouble, or feel any pain. Nor shall he be in fear of foes, or thieves, or fire, sword, or water, at any period. Therefore my actions should at all times be chaunted in peace voluntarily; and always be heard with joy. All the dangers of evil and the three different plagues1, shall be counteracted by my meritorious deeds. Whoever daily attentively reads my words in his house I shall not leave, but dwell in his presence. During the offering of food to Bali worship, fire oblation, or festival, mankind should completely read and hear my actions. Whoever either knowingly or ignorantly gives the offering, food, or fire oblation; Whoever yearly performs the adoration in the Sarat (or sultry season), and hears willingly my action recited, they will undoubtedly obtain my favour. Whoever hears my consecration, prosperity will attend him, and he shall be brave in combat. Their enemies shall be destroyed; the rich will attend, and listen to my miracles the race of mankind will be pleased. Every where, when the preliminary ceremonies are performed, evil dreams, the inauspicious aspect of the planets shall cease during the recital of my actions. The disturbances, the malignant influence of the planets will discontinue, unlucky dreams shall turn out prosperous. Evils to which children are liable from demons, I will remove, and heal the breach of friendship in my people. By reading it with strict faith, the strength of all ill-disposed-persons, the giants, demons, and evil spirits, shall be destroyed! Whoever brings me an offering of noble beasts, of flowers, Arghya incense, sandal and tapers; Whoever feeds the Vipras, performs the various rites of the Homa, every day and night; Pleases me throughout a year, and hearkens to my actions, shall have their sins remitted and shall obtain the blessings of earth. I will preserve all creatures, who read of my birth and deeds in words comprising the dissolution of the wicked giants. They shall not be in fear of foes and shall obtain the praise of sacred sages. This is ordained by Brahma who provides for the prosperous wise. If in the skirts of the wilderness parched by devouring fire; While surrounded by robbers in the plain, attacked by the lion, tigers, or wild elephants; If a king be enraged and give order to bind or execute a person accused of any crime, if any one fail in the wide ocean; When in danger of the sword,

1 Three different plagues, viz., Adhi-Infirmity, Viadhi-disease, and Itibadha – annoyance by animals.

when fallen in a well or in battle, when in imminent risk and tormented by pain; Should any one chaunt my actions, I will remove from him his afflictions though they be as fierce as the lion. By repeating my action, all dangers will be dispelled. The Rishi said, the warlike goddess Chandika, while saying this, and as the deities were gazing on her, suddenly vanished, and the gods regained their former authorities without any obstruction. Their enemies being destroyed, they enjoyed the sacrificial oblations, after the demons and Sumbha were slain by the goddess in battle. The disturber of the universe, the brave peerless and mighty Nisumbha being dead, the surviving giants retreated to Patala. O King! the divine goddess was repeatedly incarnated to preserve the world, she shackles and creates the universe. She gives knowledge, pleasure, intellect. O sovereign of mortals, she pervades throughout the globe of Brahma. Maha-Kali in the form of a great goddess, the high illusion, the ancient, creates the world occasionally. And promotes wealth in the lives of the people in future period; where she is not present their misfortunes cause ruin. Whoever praises and worships her with flowers, sandal, incense, and so forth, she gives them prosperity, offspring, virtues, &c. Thus far extends the twelfth Chapter, mentioning the advantages of praying to the goddess.