Chapter 71 to 137

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The Rishi said, hear the word of goddess! the messenger transported with rage went to the king of Daityas, and addressed him thus – O sovereign of Asuras, hearken to the speech of your messenger, he then related the whole circumstances to Nisumbha, who furiously told Dhumralochana, (who is a superior of the giants). O Dhumralochana1, surround with your force and bring that wretch to me, forcibly drag her into my presence by her hair. If there is one remaining to protect her, bring him also whether he be immortal, Yaksha, or Gandharva. The Rishi said, the giant Dhumralochana, as directed, marched accompanied by sixty thousand Asuras. To the goddess, resident on Tuhinachala2, he beheld her and spoke loudly, “come to Sumbha and Nisumbha. If you go not cheerfully, I shall convey you by force to my King, dragging you by your hair.” Devi said, “the Lord of the Daityas has sent a valiant demon with an army, if you carry me away what can I do?” The Rishi said, the giant Dhumralochana expeditiously proceeded to Ambika, who reduced him to calx by her breath Humkara. She became mightily enraged, and raised the keenest arrows and Sakti and Parasu. She furiously rose and made a frightful shout, and destroyed the force of Asuras by her lion. Grasping some of the demons she dashed them against each other and killed the

1 Dhumralochana – liberally smoky-eyed. 2 Tuhinachala – snowy mountain.

great Asuras, she demolished some by the blows of her hand. The lion tore some with his claws, and some by the strokes of his paws, separating their heads. Having their hands and heads broken by the beatings of the lion, they vomited hot blood. In a moment all that army was destroyed by the magnanimous and enraged lion of the goddess. The Asura heard of the death of Dhumralochana by the goddess, and that the whole of his army was defeated by the lion of the goddess. Sumbha, king of the Daityas, with agitated lips thus commanded the great Asuras Chanda and Munda. ‘O Chanda and Munda proceed attended by a large body of forces, go and swiftly bring her here. Either lay hold on her hair, or hand, if you suspect the issue of the battle, with the various arms and the giants. Kill the wicked lion quickly, seize Amvika, bind and bring her to me.’ Thus far is related in the sixth Chapter, mentioning the death of Dhumralochana, general of Sumbha and Nisumbha.