Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Thereupon from the middle of the river there arose before him a most beautiful and charming Apsara of slender make by name Premlocha. (1) That excellent Apsara Premlocha, of fair eye-brows, bending low with humility, addressed the high-souled Ruchi with sweet accents, (2) “Do thou accept as thy wife, O foremost of the ascetics, the most beautiful daughter of mine, begotten on me by the high-souled Pushkara, the son of Varuna. She will give birth to thy son, the highly intelligent Manu. (3-4) He having given his consent she took up from the water her daughter of a fair body by name Malini. (5) Thereupon having brought together all the leading ascetics that foremost of ascetics Ruchi espoused her duly on the banks of the river. (6) He begot on her a highly energetic and intelligent son who was celebrated on earth as Rouchya after the name of his father. (7) I have already related to you in detail the gods, Rishis, the king and his sons of that Manwantara. (8) Forsooth, a man, hearing of this Manwantara, secures an acquisition of wraith, freedom from diseases, prosperity, corns and offspring. (9) O great Muni, hearing of the above mentioned hymn of the manes, and of their number, one, by their grace, has all his desires accomplished. (10)