Chapter 71 to 137

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In former times war was waged between the deities and demons for the full space of one hundred years; also between Mahisha-sura, the greatest of demons, and Poorunder (Purandara, the greatest of deities). The Asura of ample heroism repulsed the army of the Devas; Mahishasura vanquished all the angels and became as Indra. After this, the conquered deities went with Prajapati whose abode was the lotus to Garuda-dhwaja (or the eagle bannered). The Tridasas laid before him the distress of the gods with an account of Mahish-asura’s actions. That he had usurped the authorities of Surya, Indra Anila, Indu, Yama, and Varuna; and others himself. They said, the gods are oppressed by the ill

1 Benefit of the Gods, that is, to destroy demons. 2 Three powers. – Creation, preservation, and destruction.

disposed Mahisha; the whole multitude of Devas have left heaven and wander on the earth like mortals. Those are the deeds of the enemies of the immortals, we humbly bow to thy asylum to meditate on their death. Madhusudana hearkened to the words of the deities; Sambhu was wroth contracting his brows with furious ire. Afterwards, Chakrini’s face was transported with rage, abundance of light issued from Bramha and Sankara. An immense mass of light proceeded from the bodies of Sakra and all the other Devas, and conglomerated. This effulgent lustre appeared as a flaming mountain: the Suras having seen the flame receded to the extremities of regions. The peerless light issued from the bodies of all the Devas and the phenomenon was transfigured as a woman extending through the three worlds. The energy of Siva created her face; the brightness of Yama made her hair; her arms were formed by the light of Vishnu. Her two breasts were made by the moon; the space between them by Indra; her thighs and the calves of her legs by Varuna; her loins by the light of Bhuvi. Her feet by the energy of Brahma; her toes by the rays of the sun; her fingers by Vasus her nose by Cubara. Her teeth were created by the brightness of Prajapati; her three eyes by the energy of Pavaka. Her forehead by the light of Sundhia; her ears by Anila; the brightness of other deities formed her body. From the glory of the light of all the Devas, Siva sprang; the Amaras perceived the destroyer of Mahisha and exulted. The holder of the Pinaka took out his Sula and conferred it on her; Vishnu gave her a Chakra drawn from his own Chakra. Varuna gave her the sank; Hutasana the Sacti; Maruta spread a bow with arrows, and quiver complete. Indra took the Vajra from his Culisa, the one thousand eyed god took the bell from the elephant Iravata, and gave it to her. Varuna gave her a Cala¬dunda; and Yama the Pasa; Prajapati, lord of the subjects, bestowed an Akchamala and Comundala on her. The maker of day filled his rays in the roots of her hair; Cala granted a transparent sword and shield. A necklace pure as milk, immaculate Panoply, a Chudamani, and divine Cundala and Cataca. A crescent; a beautiful Keyura over her arms; shoulder ornaments and beautiful neck jewels, Rings of precious stones, on all her fingers. Viswa-Karma afforded her the limpid Parasu. Implements of different forms: likewise an invulnerable coat of arms; a never fading garland of lotus for her head and neck. Jaladhi conferred on her a prosperous Chaplet of lotus; Himavunt gave her lion vehicle and various gems. Dhanadhipa gave her a golden vase with imperishable wine to drink; Sesha gave her a necklace of serpent’s ornaments and magnificient gems. Prudhwi granted a neckless of snakes, and the other Suras gave her jewels and arms. She shouted frequently with a terrible voice, the sound of which filled the sky. The eternal vault echoed with the terrific sound of “O Mayah,” all the world was alarmed, the ocean trembled. The earth quaked, all the mountains were moved, the Devas joyously exclaimed, “victory be to the rider of the lion.” Munies were delighted and faithfully made obeisance to her; she beheld the whole of the three Lokas grieved by the enemies of the Amaras. All the nearest armies were amply provided with implements, Mahisha-asura furiously said, “O what is this?” The sound of his voice reached the surrounding multitude of Asuras; he saw the goddess pervade the three Lokas. She indented the earth, occupied by her foot, her crown struck the sky: the sound of her bow-string terrified the whole subterraneous world. She grasped all the space of the regions by her one thousand arms; fierce war was waged between the goddess and the enemies of the Suras. They shot many powerful arrows; her arms extended towards all the cardinal points; the leader of the army of Mahisha-sura was a great Asura, by name Chickchura. He fought at the head of an Ayuta of great cheeked Asuras. The mighty Asura Asiloma, advanced with 50,000 Neyutas. Bhaskala conducted one hundred and sixty thousand Ayutas to the battle, accompanied by one hundred elephants, and many steeds. Bidala led one Koti of ruths in that war, and fifty thousand Ayutas. The other leaders were attended by one Ayuta of elephants, ruths and horses. The great Asuras encountered the goddess with Koti-Koti thousands chariots, and elephants. And with the same number horses, Mahisha-asura wielded the Tomara, Bindivala, sacti and Musala. He fought the goddess with his Khudga, Parasa, and Puttisa; some of the Asuras threw the sacti, and some the Pasa. Devi began to destroy them with her sword Chundica afterwards threw arrows and astras. She sportively cut them in pieces by the shower of her powerful shafts and arrows, Devi, the imperishable was greeted by the excellent Suras and sages. The goddess shot the powerful shafts and arrows, and severed the bodies of the Asuras; the lion

of the goddess being enraged, swiftly shook his mane and marched against the hostile army, like fire against a forest. During her achievements in war, the goddess sighed thereby instantly were produced hundreds and thousands of Ganas (or Amazons). Who fought with the demons, with Parasa, Bindivala, and Puttisa; the powerful voice of Devi, destroyed the hosts of Asuras. The Amazons sounded the Pataha, likewise the conches, kettle-drums, and other instruments in the festival of war. Afterwards Devi, by the trident, by the mace, by the sactivrusti, by the sword, and so forth, killed immense number of Asuras, and made others to fall by the ringing of the bell. She tied the Asuras with the Pasa on the earth; and some were cut down into pieces by the keen cut sword. She afterwards crushed the troops with her mace on the earth: some vommited blood, having been struck by the Musala. She cast some on the earth, breaking their bosom with the trident, she destroyed some by the keen shaft, in the field of battle. The commander of forces, the oppressors of Tridasas, forfeited their lives: some had their arms, others their throats cut. The heads of some of the vigorous Asuras were cut off, and the calves of the legs of others were severed and thrown down to the earth. Devi had maimed each of the Asuras of an arm, an eye, and a foot; and though their heads were severed from their bodies, the trunks rose again. The trunks, holding the excellent arms, fought with Devi; the Apsaras danced during the battle, accompanied by great shouts. The trunks of the Asuras, whose heads were cut off, still held the sacti, Khudga, Vrusti, and spoke aloud: stand! stand. The fallen chariots, elephants, and steeds of the Asuras were innumerable; where the great battle was fought, instantly rivers of blood were streaming. The centre of the army of Asuras, the chariots and horses of Asuras were annahilated by Ambika. In a moment the forces of the Asuras were destroyed in abundance by fire, like grass and wood. The Kesari (or lion) made an excessive roar, it produced a concussion among the bodies of the foes of the Suras. By the Amazons of the Devi, victory over the Asuras was achieved, the gods were gratified and poured down Amaranthine flowers from heaven.