Chapter 71 to 137

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Kroushthuki said: – O reverend Sir, you have recounted in full the story of Marutta. I wish to hear of an account of his progeny. (1) O great Muni, I wish to hear of those of his children who were powerful and became kings. Do you relate it. (2)

Markandeya said: – Marutta had a son celebrated by the name of Narishwanta; of the eighteen sons he was the eldest and foremost. (3) Marutta, the foremost of the Kshatriyas, ruled over the earth for eighty-five thousand years. (4) Having governed his kingdom righteously, performed many Yajnas and placed on the throne his eldest son Narishwanta he retired Into woods. (5) Having carried on hard austerities with a concentrated mind and filled the heaven and earth with his fame he ascended the heaven, O Vipra. (6) Observing the conduct of his father as well as that of other kings his son, the intelligent Narishwanta, began to think. (7) “In this family, my predecessors, the high-souled kings, celebrated many Yajnas and righteously governed the earth. (8) They gave away riches and never fled away from battles. Am I capable of following the conduct of those high-souled ones? (9) I wish to follow his actions and imitate his religious acts. If I do not do this what else shall I do? (10) What credit does a king deserve if he righteously rules the earth? For by not governing the earth well the sinful king goes to hell. (11) While they have wealth, what wonder is there if the king performs great Yajnas and makes charities? (12) Pride of birth, shame, anger towards enemies and one’s own duties prevent a man from flying away from the battle-field. (13) All these were completely accomplished by my ancestors and my father Marutta. Who can imitate them? (14) What more can I do which had not been done by my forefathers? They all performed Yajnas, made charities, never came from the battle-field, were great warriors and manly. I shall do such works as had not been attempted by them. (15-16) My predecessors celebrated Yajnas no doubt but they could not do so uninterruptedly. I shall do this. (17)

Markandeya said: – Thinking thus that king undertook a Yajna adorned with the gifts of riches the like of which had not been performed by any. (18) He gave away profuse riches for the maintenance of the twice-born; the king then gave hundred fold food in that Yajna. (19) He then conferred upon each man of the earth kine, raiments, ornaments and store-houses of corn. (20) Thereupon when that king again undertook the celebration of another Yajna and when it was taken in hand he invited many Brahmanas but could not get any. (21) Every one, of those Brahmanas whom the king invited to take up the duties of a Ritwika, said to him. “We are engaged elsewhere in another Yajna. (22) Request some body else, O king. The riches, that you gave us in your Yajna, have not been exhausted as yet”. (23)

MARKANDEYA said: – When the king of the whole earth did not get Brahmanas to act as Ritwikas he began to give away gifts at the outside altar. (24) Still, they, who had their temples filled with wealth, did not accept them. He, then with a view to make gifts unto the twice-born with a poor heart, said. (25) “Oh! it is a highly grand thing that there is no poor Brahmana on this earth. But the treasury has grown useless and fruitless is the object of those who perform Yajnas. (26) No one will require a Ritwika for the people of the world will not celebrate Yajnas. We shall not be able, even if we wish, to make gifts unto the twice-born.” (27)

MARKANDEYA said: – Thereupon saluting repeatedly with reverence some Brahmanas he made them Ritwikas in his Yajna and they began that great ceremony. (28) It was a great wonder that when that king undertook that Yajna there were many men on earth engaged in similar ceremonies. (29) (So) there did not assemble a concourse of the twice-born. Few Brahmanas came there for accepting gifts. (30) Whenever the king Narishwanta engaged in celebrating Yajnas many people, with the money given by him, undertook numberless such ceremonies on earth. (31) When the king Narishwanta, O Muni, undertook the performance of a Yajna there took place simultaneously eighteen Kotis of Yajnas in the west, seven in the north, fourteen in the south, and fifteen in the north. (32-33) O Vipra, such was the virtuous king Narishwanta, the son of Marutta, in the days of yore renowned for his strength and bravery. (34)