Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Having made this promise Narishwanta’s son Dama, with his eyes rolling in anger, held his beards with his hand. (1) Bewailing the death of his father and censuring destiny he said to all the ministers and summoned his priest. (2)

Dama said: – Tell me now what is proper. My father has gone to heaven. You have heard what the Sudra ascetic has said. (3) That king was an old ascetic, was leading the Vanaprashtha mode of life and observing the vow of silence. My mother Indrasena has communicated everything to me in truth as what should be done to Vapushman. That wicked one, taking up his sword, and holding by the hand, killed the king as if he had none. My good mother has addressed the word ‘fie’ to me. (4-6) Having embraced the unfortunate Narishwanta shorn of all beauty she entered fire and attained to the region of gods. (7) I shall to-day encompass what has been said by my mother. Arrange therefore the elephants, cars, horses and the army. (8) Without vanquishing my father’s enemy, slaying the destroyer of my father and carrying out the words of my mother why shall I try to live? (9)

Markandeya said: – Hearing his words, the ministers with the servants and army, having their minds exercised, began to lament, exclaiming ‘Alas! Alas!” (10) Placing the king before them

and obtaining blessings from the priests cognisant of the present, past and future, they, with the army, issued out. (11) Sighing like the king of serpents and killing the army of Soumapala and others in Jamya country Dama quickly approached Vapushman. (12) Sangkrandana’s son Vapushman was informed that Dama with his army and ministers had come. (13) Without the least agitation of the mind he commanded his army and sent an emissary out of the city (with the news). (14) “O Kshatrya, come quickly to me; Narishwanta, with his wife, is expecting you.

(15) These ray sharpened arrows, shot off my bow, piercing your body, will drink your blood in battle. (16)

MARKANDEYA said: – Hearing all this from the messenger and remembering his former promise Dama went there speedily, sighing like a serpent. (17)

Inviting him to battle he said: “He, who is a man, does not boast”. Then there arose a great encounter between Dama and Vapushman. (18) The charioteer fought with the charioteer, the elephant with the elephant and horse with the horse. There thus arose a great encounter, O saint. (19) O Brahman, Dama fighting in anger in the presence of all the gods, Siddhas and Gandharvas the earth trembled. (20) Neither the charioteer, nor the elephant, nor the horse could stand his arrows. Then Vapushman’s commander-in-chief fought with Dama. (21) Dama struck his shaft deep into his heart. On his death the army took to their heels. Then Dama said to his master (Vapushman): -(22) “Having slain my ascetic father, who had no weapon and who was carrying on penances where do you go, O wicked one? Return if you are a Kshatriya”. (23)

Markandeya said: -Thereupon coming back the proud (Vapushman) with his younger brother, son, friends and relatives, fought with him. (24) Then the sky and the quarters were covered with shafts discharged oft his bow. He also covered Dama with his car and horse with a network of arrows. (25) Thereupon in anger begotten by the death of his father Dama cut off those arrows and wounded his limbs with his own. (26) With one arrow he despatched to the abode of Yama his seven sons, brothers, relatives and friends. (27) On the death of his sons and relatives the car-warrior Vapushman fought with Dama in the battle-field with arrows resembling serpents. (28) O great Muni, he too cut off his arrows. Both of them, desirous of killing each other, then fought fiercely. (29) Having their bows shattered with the discharge of arrows, those two highly powerful heroes fought with each other with up-lifted swords. (30) Thinking for a moment of the destruction of his father, the king, in the forest and holding him by the hair and throwing him on earth, placing his foot on his head and raising up his hand Dama said: -(31) “Behold, ye gods, men, Siddhas and Pannagas, I am tearing off the heart of the Kshatriya Vapushman”. (32)

MARKANDEYA said: – Having said this Dama cut off his heart with his sword. With a view to bathe in his blood the gods did not prevent him. (33) Thereupon with the blood of Vapushman he performed the water-giving ceremony and with his flesh he offered Pinda. (34) He fed the Brahmanas and Rakshasas, and then being freed from debts to his father he left for his own city. (35) Such were the kings of the solar dynasty as well as other intelligent heroes, performers of Yajnas and well read in the Vedas and religious books. I do not like to enumerate them. Hearing of their account a man is released from sins. (36-37)