Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Hearing thus her words and remembering the excellent words of his father which the king said after he had taken the vow of Kimichaka the prince Avikshita said to the maiden. “I have my mind always attached to you; for you I renounced all sorts of enjoyment; As I forsook you of slender body on being defeated by the enemies so I have again obtained you after having vanquished my foes. Tell me what I shall do”. (1-3)

The maiden said: – Do thou accept my hand in this charming forest. The union, of one willing with another equally willing, produces good results. (4)

The Prince said: – May good betide you. Providence is the instrument in this or why have we met elsewhere? (5)

Markandeya said: – In the meantime, O Muni, Gandharva Tunaya came there accompanied by most excellent Apsaras and Gandharvas. (6)

The Gandharva said: – O prince, she is my beautiful daughter by name Bhamini. By the imprecation of Agastya she became Vishala’s daughter. (7) By her childish freaks she excited the wrath of Agastya who imprecated a curse (on her saying), “Be you a woman”. (8)

We however pleased him, saying: – “O Saint, she is a thoughtless girl. You should forgive her and show us the favour”. (9) Being propitiated by us the great Muni said: – “Considering her as a child I gave a small curse; while I have pronounced it, it shall never be otherwise”. (10) Then by the curse of Agastya my fair girl is born as Manini in the house of Vishala. (11) For her I have come here. Take this princess, my daughter. She will give birth to your son who will be Lord Paramount. (12)

Markandeya said: – Having said ‘so be it’ the prince duly accepted her hand. Tamvuru performed Homa there. (13) Gods and Gandharvas sang there – the Apsaras danced, the clouds showered flowers and the celestial instruments were sounded. (14) There came at the nuptials of the prince all the protectors of wealth who are the givers and the agents of prosperity. (15) O Muni, then they all, without any exception, went to the region of the Gandharvas along with that high-souled one. The prince and princess also accompanied them. (16) The prince Avikshita enjoyed there in the company of Bhamini. She too in his company enjoyed various objects of desire. (17) Sometimes he sported with her in the garden of the city and sometimes on the hillocks; (18) sometimes on the banks of a river beautified with swans and Sarasas and sometimes in the beautiful palace situated at the terminus of the house. (19) He, with that slender-made damsel and she with that high-souled one, sported day and night in various charming countries. (20) The Munis, Gandharvas and Kinnaras brought for them there various edibles, pastes, raiments, garlands and excellent drinks. (21) That good damsel gave birth to a son for that heroe spending his days happily with Bhamini in the region of Gandharvas unattainable by others. (22) O foremost of men, on that highly powerful son being born there took place a great festivity of the Gandharvas. (23) Some of them sang, some played on Mridanga, trumpets and Anaka and some played on Venu, Vina and other musical instruments. (24) There danced innumerable Apsaras, the clouds discharged showers of flowers and the wind blew gently. (25) When there arose a great tumult Tumvura, being thought of by Tunaya, came there and performed the Jatakarma ceremony, O Muni. (26) There came the gods and the immaculate celestial saints and the leading Nagas headed by Sesha, Vasuki and Takshaka from Patala. (27) And came all the leaders, O foremost of the twice-born, of the gods, Asuras, Yakshas and Guhyakas and all the Vayus.

(28) The great city of the Gandharvas was agitated by all the Rishis, gods, Danavas, Pannagas and Munis, who had come there. (29) Having performed all the ceremonies consequent on the birth of the child, Tumvaru undertook the performance of a benedictory rite preceded by eulogy. (30) “Do thou, becoming a Lord Paramount, highly powerful, energetic and mighty-armed, rule over this endless earth for a long time. (31) May Sakra and all the gods, all the Lokapalas and Rishis, do good, O heroe, to your prowess destructive of your enemies. (32) May Marut do you good, and may it blow with no dust before it. And the pure southern wind shall blow gently for you. (33) The Western Marut will give you most excellent energy and the northern Marut will give you great prowess.” (34) After the completion of this benedictory rite a voice, without any body, said “there will be many Maruts for you as the preceptor has said. And accordingly he will be celebrated on earth by the name of Marutta. (35) All the kings on earth will carry out his command. And this heroe will be at the head of all kings. (36) Having subdued all the kings this highly powerful Lord Paramount will enjoy, without any obstruction, the earth consisting of seven insular continents. (37) He will be the head of all the kings celebrating sacrifices and he will excel all the kings in heroism and energy.” (38)

MARKANDEYA said: – Hearing the words of the gods expressed through some one all the Vipras, Gandharvas and as well as his parents were delighted. (39)