Chapter 71 to 137

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KROUSHTI said: – Reverend sir, you have described in detail and order all the Manwantaras and I have heard of them all. (1) O foremost of the twice-born, I wish to hear of the progeny of all the kings beginning with Brahma. Do thou describe them in full. (2)

Markandeya said: – O child, hear of the origin and life of all those kings beginning with Prajapati who is the origin of the universe. (3) This family was adorned with hundreds of pious kings who had performed many sacrifices and been victorious in war. (4) He, who listens to the origin and story of all these high-souled kings, is released from all sins. (5) Hearing of the family in which were born such heroic kings as Manu, Ikshawku, Anaraya, Bhagiratha who were intent on performing sacrifices and conversant with the knowledge of Brahman and who all ruled over this earth a man is freed from all sins. (6-7) Hear of this family from which descended thousands of the families of kings like the branches of a fig-tree. (8) O foremost of the twice-born, in the days of yore, the patriarch Brahma, with a view to create various creatures, procreated from his right thumb the patriarch Daksha and from his left thumb his wife. In this wise, the father of the universe the divine lord Brahma created the great cause of the world. (9-10) The beautiful Aditi was born as the daughter of Daksha. Kashyapa begat on her the divine sun. (11) He is identical with Brahman the conferrer of boons in this endless universe, the beginning, the middle and the end and the ordainer of the creation, preservation and destruction. (12) O twice-born one, from him has emanated this entire universe and in him it is stationed; he is the entire universe with the celestials, Asuras and mankind. (13) He is identical with all the elements with the soul and is the great soul and is eternal. Aditi had prayed for it before and therefore the Divine sun was born in her womb. (14)

KROUSTHl said: – O Reverend Sir, I wish to hear of the true form of the sun and why was he born as the own begotten son of the prime deity Kashyapa. (15) O foremost of Munis, I wish to hear in detail, as narrated by you in detail, how he was worshipped by the goddess Aditi and Kashyapa and what did the sun say on being adored by them as well as of his prowess when incarnated. (16-17)

Markandeya said: – Vishtapa, the great learning, Jyotisbha, Shwashwati, Shphuta, Kaivalya, knowledge, Avibhu, Prakamya, Samrit, Bodha, Avagati, Smriti, discriminative knowledge, these were the forms of the sun who is the form of the universe. (18-19) Hear, O great one, in detail as narrated by me, of the incarnation of the sun of which you have asked. (20) When this universe was shorn of lustre and light and was enveloped in darkness a huge egg which is the great cause came into being. (21) Living inside it the Divine Grand Father Brahma rent it asunder; that lotus-sprung deity is the creator and the lord of the universe. (22) O great Muni, from his mouth came out the great sound Om; then originated therefrom Bhu, Bhavas and Swara. (23) These three words are the true form of the sun; and from Om has come out the great subtle form of the sun. (24) From Om have proceeded in due order the seven forms, gross and grosser, such as Mahas, Janas, Tapas, Satya etc.. (25) These forms appear and disappear simultaneously for undoubtedly the presence and absence of all these are brought about by this. (26) O Vipra, the great subtle form Om, which I have described to you, is the beginning and end of all. That great form has no (material form) that is the real great Brahman and his body. (27)