Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – O Krausthika, the eternal Divine Sun, about whose glories you did reverentially accost me, is thus gifted with rays. (1) He is the Paramatman (great soul) of all those Yogins who have concentrated their minds in Yoga. He is Kshetrajna of the Sankhya philosophers and the lord of sacrifices of those who perform them. (2) The Manu of the seventh Manwantara took his birth as his son. He had all his doubts dissipated. Ikshwaku, Nabhaga, Rishtha, Narishyanta, Nabhaga, Prishadra and Dhrista were his sons. They were all very highly powerful, of illustrious renown, were well read in scriptures and became the rulers of the earth. (3-5) With a view to have a more accomplished son, that Manu, the foremost of successful men, again undertook the performance of a sacrifice in honour of Mitra and Varuna. (6) O great Muni, on account of the bad conduct of Hota in that sacrifice Manu got a highly youthful daughter by name Ila. (7) Thereupon beholding that daughter born Manu, pleasing Mitra and Varuna, said: -(8) “Expecting that a most accomplished son would be born to me by your favour, I undertook this sacrifice – but a daughter is born. (9) If you are pleased with me and are ready to grant a boon may this daughter, by your favour, become a highly accomplished son”. (10) The gods having said, ‘so be it’ that daughter Ila immediately became a son known by the name of Sudyumna. (11) While going about a-hunting in the forest that highly intelligent son of Manu, again by the curse of the Providence, assumed her female form. (12) There she gave birth to a son by name Pururava who became in time Lord Paramount. (13) After the birth of the son he performed a great horse-sacrifice. Sudyumna then regained his manhood and became the king. (14) Sudyumna, in his manhood, begat three sons, Utkala, Vinaya and Gaya – they were all very powerful and energetic and were intent upon performing sacrifices. (15) All his sons, born in his manhood, had their minds devoted to virtue and governed this earth. (16) Pururava was born in his womanhood. He did not obtain a portion of the earth since he was the son of Budha. (17) According to the words of Vashistha, a best of cities, Pratishthana, was conferred upon him. He became king in that highly charming city. (18)