Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – O great Muni, having obtained Sumana as his wife the prince saluted the feet of his father and mother. (1) Sumana, of fair eye-brows, also saluted her father-in-law and mother-in-law. They too, O Vipra, also welcomed them with blessings. (2) On his marriage and return from the city of the king of Dasharna there took place a great festival in Narishwanta’s city. (3) Hearing of the alliance of his son with the king of Dasharna and the defeat by the kings the emperor Narishwanta was greatly delighted. (4) The prince Dama sported with Sumana in gardens, palaces, forest-lands and in the valleys of the mountains. (5) Having enjoyed many pleasures and grown old the king Narishwanta installed his son Dama in the kingdom. (7) His wife, the illustrious Indrasena also followed him to the forest and led with him the Vanaprashtha mode of life. (8) Vapushman, the son of Sangkrandana, the king of Deccan, went to that forest for hunting followed by a small retinue. (9) Seeing the ascetic Narishwanta covered with dust and his wife Indrasena, greatly reduced by hard austerities he asked him, “Who are you? Are you a Vipra, Kshatriya or a forest ranger or a Vaisya who is leading the Vanaprashtha mode of life? Tell me this”. (10-11) Thereupon the king, observant of the vow of silence, gave him no reply. Indrasena communicated unto him everything duly. (12)

Markandeya said: -Being informed that Narishwanta was the father of his enemy, Vapushman, saying “I have got you” held him by the matted locks. (13) Indrasena crying aloud ‘Alas! Alas!’ in suppressed words he took up his sword, and said: -(14) “He is the father of Dama who vanquished me in battle and carried away my Sumana. I shall kill him; let Dama save him. (15) I shall slay the father of the wicked one who vanquished the entire host of kings assembled for securing the maiden. (16) I shall kill the father of my enemy, the wicked Dama who fought with me in battle. Let him prevent me”. (17)

Markandeya said: – Having said this the wicked king Vapushman cut off his head whilst Indrasena kept up crying . (18) Thereupon all the ascetics and other dwellers of the forest said to him, “Fie on you! Fie on you!” Seeing it he left the forest for his own city. (19) On his departure, Indrasena, heaving a deep sigh, despatched a Sudra ascetic to her son. (20) She said, “Go immediately and communicate to my son my words. You know everything about my husband’s affair. What more shall I speak? (21) Still you should inform my son of what I say, with great sorrow on beholding the wicked condition of the king. (22) He is the king, lord and the protector of the four Varnas. How fair it is that he does not protect the ascetics living in hermitages? (23) While I was crying “O lord! O lord!” Vapushman, holding my husband Narishwanta, engaged in ascetic observances, by the hair, killed him without any fault. You have gained this reputation as a king during your rule. (24-25) Such being the case, behave yourself in such a way that virtue may not disappear. I should not speak (more) in this. I am a female ascetic. (26) Your father, an aged ascetic, has been killed, though he was innocent. Think what you should do in this. (27) You have heroic ministers well read in all branches of learning. Discussing with them do what is proper. (28) O king, this is not in our province who are ascetics; you are to do this. Hear of the conduct of other kings. (29) Viduratha’s father was killed by a Yavana whose, family was destroyed (in turn) by his son. (30) The father of Jambha, the king of Asuras, was bitten by serpents. And so by him all the serpents living in Patala were killed. Hearing that his father has been killed by a Rakshasa Parashara

completely destroyed the race of Rakshasas with fire. (32) A Kshatriya cannot brook the insult offered to any other member of his family what to speak of the destruction of his father? (33) In this your father has not been killed nor a weapon has struck him but me thinks you have been killed and wounded with a weapon. (34) Who fears him who has placed his weapon on the dwellers of the forest? Will you fear when your son is killed? (35) Therefore, O king, you should mete out a condign punishment to Vapushman along with his servants, kinsmen and friends. (36) Having despatched Indradas with this intelligence, that great lady, embracing the body of her husband, entered into fire. (37)