Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Manu’s son, Prishadhra, by name, went out a-hunting into the forest. Going about there in that lonely wood he did not find any deer. He was assailed by the rays of the sun and was possessed by hunger and thirst while moving about hither and thither. (1-2) There he saw a highly beautiful sacrificial cow belonging to an Agnihotra Brahmana. (3) Taking it for a Gavaya he discharged a shaft at her. Having her heart pierced by the arrow she fell down on earth. (4) Beholding the sacrificial cow of his father thus fallen the Brahmachari son of that Agnihotri, ever engaged in Tapas, imprecated a curse on him. (5) His name was Babhraya and was sent by his father to look after the kine. O Muni, he was by nature angry and wrathful. So he was worked up with anger; he began to perspire and her eyes were agitated. (6) Beholding the Muni’s son angry the king Prishadra said “Be pleased; why are you being possessed by anger like a Sudra? (7) Such an anger can never possess a Kshatrya or a Vaisya even, as has possessed you who are born in an eminent Brahmana’s family.” (8) Being thus remonstrated with by the king that Rishi’s son imprecated a curse on that vicious-souled one, saying “Be a Sudra. (9) Since thou hast killed the sacrificial cow of my preceptor, the Vedas shall not come out (of thy mouth) which thou didst learn from thy preceptor.” (10) Being thus imprecated and possessed by anger the king took water in his hand to curse him. (11) That foremost of the twice-born became angry for the destruction of the king. But approaching him speedily his father prevented him, (12) saying “O child, away with anger which is the great enemy of advancement. Forgiveness only encompasses the well-being of the twice-born both in this world and the next. (13) Anger destroys asceticism and longevity. An angry man loses knowledge and riches. (14) The angry do not acquire virtue nor riches. Persons, who have their minds possessed by anger, do not attain objects leading to happiness. Even if knowing it full well the king has killed the sacrificial cow still, (actuated by) good sense you should show forgiveness towards him. (16) And if unconsciously he has killed this cow how does he then deserve an imprecation since he is not wickedly bent. (17) A person, who seeks his own good and at the same kills others, has his good sense destroyed.

Such a man is an object of commiseration. (18) If the learned punish an innocent man, me-thinks the illiterate are superior to such learned men. (19) Therefore, O my son, you should not have cursed the king to-day. By her own Karma this cow has met with a painful death.”

(20) Than saluting the Muni’s son with his head down Prishadra said: – “Be pleased, I have unknowingly killed her. (21) O Muni, taking her for a Gavaya I have, out of ignorance, killed your sacrificial cow.” (22)

The Rishi’s son said: – O king, I have never spoken an untruth since my birth. O great one, to-day my anger shall never be otherwise. (23) Therefore, O king, I shall not be able to undo this curse. But I refrain from imprecating the second curse which I was about to do.” (23) On his saying this the father taking his son with him repaired to his own hermitage. Prishadhra too became a Sudra. (35)