Chapter 71 to 137

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Markandeya said: – Thereupon while thus chiselling his body Patriarch Vishwakarma, filled with growing delight, chanted the following hymn of the Vivaswat. (1) Salutation unto thee who art the mine of rays, who dost encompass the well-being of and show mercy unto those who bow unto thee, who art the great soul, who hast seven horses all gifted with equal speed, who art of good effulgence and dost give life to the lotuses and who art clever enough to dispel darkness. (2) Thou dost purify others, art of pious deeds, dost confer diverse wished-for objects, art the source of the highly effulgent fire, art rays and art the benefactor unto all. I bow unto thee. (3) Thou hast no birth, art the cause of the three worlds, art identical with all the elements, the lord of the universe and righteousness1, the foremost of the merciful and the sun who gives vision unto all; I bow unto thee. (4) Thou art the source of rays and the innermost soul of the learned; in thee the world is stationed and thou art the benefactor of the universe, art self-sprung, the vision of all and the foremost of the gods. Thou hast incomparable effulgence, I bow unto thee. (5) Thou dost adorn, for a moment, the hill whence thou risest like a garland of gems and encompass the well-being of the world along with the celestials. The thousand rays are thy body; to dispel darkness thou dost spread them over the universe. (6) Drinking the wine of worldly darkness and under its influence thy body becomes red; from that arise thy rays that display the three worlds and accordingly dost thou appear in great effulgence. (7) O lord, ascending thine highly beautiful chariot of equal proportions moving mildly, thou dost, through the help of numberless horses, always wander about unobstructed for encompassing the well-being of the world. (8) By bestowing simultaneously ambrosia and the rays of the moon thou dost bring about the gratification of the gods and manes and the destruction of the enemies. Therefore do I, saluting thee, chisel thine effulgence for the benefit of the world. (9) O thou fond of thy votaries, O thou the purifier of the three worlds, O Ravi, do thou save me, who have touched with my head the earth, purified with the dust of thy feet and trampled down by golden-hued horses. (10) Thou art like the mother of the universe and the highly sacred abode of the three worlds. Thou art the lamp of the entire universe and what more, thou art Vishwakarma; I bow unto thee. (11)