Chapter 71 to 137

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MARKANDEYA said: – Being commanded by Indrasena the Sudra ascetic went there and communicated the destruction of his father unto Dama. (1) Being informed by the ascetic of the death of his father, Dama burnt with rage like fire excited by clarified butter. (2) O great Muni, being consumed by the fire of anger and pressing one hand against the other he gave vent to the following words. (3) “In spite of my existence, his son, my father was killed by that greatly cruel one, throwing an insult at my family, like one having none. (4) If I forgive him I shall do so for want of manliness; my duty is to punish the wicked and help the good. (5) What is the use of lamenting much as ‘Oh (father)’. I should now do what should be done in this matter. (6) If I do not bring about the gratification of my father with the blood coming out from Vapushman’s body I shall enter into fire. (7) I shall perform the water-giving ceremony of my father with his blood slain in battle; I shall feed well the twice-born with his flesh. Or else I shall enter into fire. (8) Even if the Asuras, Gods, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas and all the Siddhas come to his help, even them with him I shall reduce to ashes with my weapons.

(9) Having slain the coward, sinful and dishonest king of Deccan in battle I shall enjoy the earth fully. If I cannot kill him I shall enter the fire. (10) I shall slay today the highly wicked one together with his friends, relatives, infantry, cavalry and the army, who slew the aged ascetic, observing the bow of silence, living in the forest and always extending words of blessings. (11) Taking up their bow and sword, riding this chariot and confronting the army of the enemy I shall carry on an onslaught there. All the gods assembled there will see it. (12) I shall lead this great army, brought up by myself, for the immediate and absolute destruction of the families of those who will help him while engaged in an encounter with me today. (13) If the king of gods comes to the battle with the thunderbolt in his hand, the king of Pitris taking up, in anger, his dreadful rod and if the king of riches and Varuna endeavour to save him still I shall kill him with sharpened shafts. (14) May the vultures be satisfied with his flesh and blood by whom despite my existence, his son, my father has been slain. He had his mind under control, was freed from folly, had his movements from the forest to heaven and used to live on fruits dropped from trees and was friendly towards all creatures. (15)