Markandeya Puranam

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MARKANDEYA said: – Thus cured of her disease the maiden, moved by delight, thus spoke to Swarochi, – “Hear my words, O lord. (1) I am the daughter of the Vidyadhara Mandara known by the name of Vibhavari. O my benefactor! I give myself to thee, accept me. (2) I shall also give thee that knowledge by which the speech of all creatures shall be revealed to thee. Therefore be then gracious to me.” (3)

MARKANDEYA said: – On this being said by the righteous Swarochi – so be it, the second maiden then spoke this word. (4) “My father, Para by name, – he who is a Brahmarshi had been a Brahmacari from his boyhood; he was greatly possessed of the eight good qualities of kindness etc., and had seen the limits of the Vedas and the Vedangas. (5) Then of old, during spring time which is made pleasant by the cooing of blackbirds, came to him an Apsara known by the name of Punjikastana. (6) Being overtaken by Cupid, he the superior Muni, then met her, and on her was I born in this great mountain. (7) Leaving me when I was a mere baby, alone in this forest that is devoid of human-beings, and full of all sorts of murderous animals, my mother also went away. (8) Then, O excellent one, I grew from day to day by drinking the growing disc of the moon. (9) From that was my name Kalavati – given me by my high-souled father who took me. (10) Then I was asked for in marriage by the Gandharva, Alina, of beautiful face, who was the foe of the gods; and on my not being given, by him was my father cursed and killed. (11) Then owing to excess of grief, I was about to kill myself, and was forbidden by Sati the wife of Shambhu, of unfailing truth – saying, – ”grieve not, thou maiden of beautiful brow, great shall be thy fortune on earth; Swarochi shall be thy husband; and of him thou shalt have a son who shall be a Manu. (12-13) The Nidhis shall with respect obey thy orders; and shall give thee wealth as thou desirest, O thou beautiful one. (14) By virtue of this, O darling, thou shalt attain all this; accept from me that knowledge, Padmini by name; this knowledge is worshipped by all the gods.” (15) Thus spoke to me the daughter of Daksha, Sati, whose highest refuge is truth. Thou art Swarochi. That goddess would never say a thing which was not true. (16) Such am I who today want to give that knowledge as also my own body to thee; accept them, being gracious to me. (17)

Markandeya said: – ‘So be it’ he said also to that maiden Kalavati and finding his action approved by the affectionate glance of Vibhavari, he married them two there, and the place was resounded with the music of divine musicians and dancing of Apsaras. (18-19)