Markandeya Puranam

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The Birds said: Formerly the Patriarch Tashta had a son by name Trisira; (once) performing austerities with his head downwards he was slain by Sakra in fear. (1) O Brahman, Tashta’s son being slain, Indra’s energy suffered impairment being greatly assailed by the sin of Brahmanacide. (2) On account of this iniquity Sakra’s energy entered into righteousness – and his energy having entered into righteousness Sakra became shorn of it. (3) Thereupon hearing of the destruction of his son the Patriarch Tashta, worked with anger, tore a matted-lock and said: (4) “Let the three worlds with the deities behold my prowess to-day; let also the wicked-minded chastiser of Paka, who has slain a Brahmana, witness it also, by whom my son, engaged in his own penances, has been killed.” Saying this, he, having his eyes reddened with anger, offered the matted-locks to fire. (5-6) Thereupon arose a mighty, huge-bodied Asura, Vritra, engarlanded by flames, having huge teeth and resembling a mass of crushed collyrum. (7) Being impregnated by the energy of Tashta, the highly powerful enemy of Indra, of incomparable energy, daily grew in strength like the course of an arrow. (8) Beholding the mighty Asura Vritra for his own destruction, Sakra, stricken with fear, sent the seven Rishis for making a peace. (9) The sages, ever engaged in the well-being of all creatures with a glad heart, arranged for a conditional treaty between him and Vritra. (10) When disregarding the condition Vritra was slain by Indra, his strength became enfeebled on account of his being assailed by the sin of Vritra’s destruction. (11) The strength driven out of Sakra’s body entered into air, all-spreading, invisible and the deity presiding over all prowess.

(12) When assuming the form of Goutama, Sakra, the lord of the celestials, ravished Ahalya, his beauty disappeared. (13) The grace of his limbs which was highly charming, leaving the wicked king of the deities, resorted to Nasatyas (the twin sons of Aswini). (14) Knowing that the king of the celestials was shorn of virtue and energy and deprived of strength and beauty the Daityas addressed themselves for vanquishing him. (15) O great ascetic, being desirous of vanquishing the king of the celestials, the highly powerful Daityas were born in the races of mighty monarchs. (16) Once on a time, the earth, assailed by her load, went to the summit of the mount Meru where there was an assembly of the celestials. (17) She, distressed with a heavy load, communicated to them the cause of her affliction arising from the Daityas, the sons of Danu. (18) “All those powerful Daityas, who had been destroyed by you, have been born in the region of men in the houses of the kings. (19) They are great many Akshouhini (in number) – distressed by them I am going down; do you so arrange therefore, O celestials, that I may attain to peace.” (20)

THE BIRDS said: – Thereupon dividing their energy the celestials descended on earth from their own region for protecting creatures and relieving the earth of her burden. (21) Then the deity Dharma put the energy of Indra’s body in Kunti and then was born the highly energetic king Yudhisthira. (22) The God of Wind gave away his energy and Bhima was born; and Partha (Arjuna) the conqueror of the god of riches was born from a half of Sakra’s energy. (23) The highly effulgent twins resembling Sakra were born from Madri. In these five ways did the Divine performer of hundred sacrifices incarnate himself. (24) His great wife came out from fire as Krishna. (25) Krishna was the wife of Sakra and of none else. The great Yogis can convert their body into many. (26) We have thus described to you how one became the wife of the five. Hear how Valadeva went to the Saraswati.