Markandeya Puranam

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Markandeya said: – This then is the creation of Brahma, of unmanifested birth, that is composed of the quality of Tama or ignorance and sin. I shall presently relate in detail the creation that is called Rudra, listen. (1) As also his daughters, as well as his eight wives, and similarly his sons, (all these shall I presently relate to you). On the lord meditating, at the commencement of the Kalpa, on a son, who shall be like him in all respects, a son, called Nilalohita came forth from his limbs, and moving about cried in sweet tones, O thou most superior Brahmana. (2-3) Him thus crying Brahma asked, – why dost thou cry; and he spoke in reply to the lord of the world, – “Give me a name.” (4)

(He said): – Thou, O Deva or Bright One, shall be of the name of Rudra. Do not cry. Be patient. Thus spoken to, then he cried again and again seven times. (5) Then to him the lord gave seven other names, and also the abodes of these eight Rudras, and their wives and sons, O thou twice-born one, (were duly assigned). (6) The lord, the Grand-father (Brahma), spoke and gave these names, – namely Bhaba, Sarba, similarly Eshana, likewise Pashupati, Bhima, Ugra, Mahadeva and made abodes for these. (7-8) The sun, the water, the earth, the fire, the ether, the initiated Brahman, and the moon, these became respectively their abodes. Subarchala and similarly Uma, Bikeshi and another, Shwadha, Shwaha, and likewise Disha, Diksha, Rohini these respectively, O thou superior among the twice-born, became with the sun &c., the possession of the holders of the names commencing with Rudra &c.,. (9-10) Their sons respectively were Shanaishchara, Shukra, Lohitanga, Monajaba, Skandha, Sarga, Santana, and Budha. (11) In this way, this Rudra welcomed Sati as his wife, – and that Sati through being angry with Daksha gave up her body. (12) She became, O thou most superior Brahman! the daughter of Himavat, and his wife Mena. Her brother is Mainaka, than whom the ocean has not a better friend. The lord Bhaba again married that self same Sati. (13) Khyati, the wife of Bhrigoo gave birth to two gods Dhata and Bidhata and also to Sri, – she the wife of the god of gods Narayana. (14) Of the high-souled Meru there were two daughters Ayati, and Niyati, they were given as wives to Dhata and Bidhata. Of these two were born two sons. (15) They were Prana, and Mrikandu – he is my father known to fame. I was born of him on Manashbini. My son is Bedashira, born of my wife Dumrabati. Hear also from me of the sons of Prana. The son of Prana is Dyutiman. His son is Utpanna (16-17) , and also Ajara. Of these two were born many sons and grandsons. Sambhuti, the wife of Marichi, gave birth to Paurnamasa. (18) Of him, the high-souled one, were born two sons Biraja and Parbata. At the time of the enumeration of the genealogy of any family, O thou twice-born one, the names of their sons should be preserved. (19) Smriti, the wife of Angira, similarly gave birth to daughters, viz., Sinibali, Kuhu, Raka, Anumati. (20) Anusuya similarly, the wife of Atri, gave birth to sons free from all sins – they are Soma, Durbasasa and Dattatreya, the yogi. (21) Of Priti, the wife of Paulasta was born Dattoli; in a previous birth he was known as Agastya, born during the age of the Swayambhuba Manu. (22) Kshama, the wife of the lord of creatures Pulaha, brought forth three sons namely Kardama, Charbbira and Shahishnu. (23) Sannati the wife of Kratu gave birth to the Balkhilyas, who were sixty-thousand Rishis all of whom had completely mastered their sexual instincts. (24) Of Urjja, the wife of Bashishta were born seven sons, namely, Rajogatra, Urdhabahu, Sabala, Anagha, Sutapa, Shukta, – these all are the well-known seven Rishis. (25) He who is the presiding deity in fire, – the eldest among the sons of Brahma, – from him Shwada had three sons all of them, O thou twice-born one, of most superior powers; – namely Pabaka, Pabaman and Shuchi whose food is water. (26-27)

Their sons were forty and five in number, these sons and fathers are highly spoken of. (28) They are (the father, three sons and the grandsons) thus forty-nine in number, and are spoken of as invincible. The Pitris as created by Brahma have already been described by me to you. (29) They who were the Agnishwatta, the Barhishada the Anagnaya, and the Sagnaya, from them Shwadha had two daughters, Mena and Baidharini. (30) They were both, Oh thou twice-born one! teachers of the wisdom of Brahman and were both Yoginis, and were possessed of superior wisdom and were adorned with all the virtues. (31) These are the sons and the descendants of the daughters of Daksha related by me. When they are remembered with faith and reverence, the descendents of the person so remembering them are extended and increased. (32)