Markandeya Puranam

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I shall presently describe to you, O thou twice-born one, that which is Kimpurusha Barsha, where the duration of the life of men with well-grown bodies is a ten thousand year; where men and likewise the women are without disease and without bereavement. The Plaksha tree there is said to be as big as in the garden of the gods – Nandana. Those men always drink the juice of the fruit of that tree; and the women have permanent youth, and are possessed of the sweet scent of the lotus. (1-3) Next by me will be described the Hari Barsha which is situate next to the Kimpurusha Barsha. The men there are born with the glamour of gold, – they have all fallen off from the region of the gods, and are in every respect possessed of the beauty of the gods. In the Haribarsha, all men drink the auspicious juice of the sugarcane. There old age does not oppress people nor make them lean in any way; as long as they live they live free from disease. (4-6) That which has been described by me as Ilabrita, is the Meru Barsha; it stands in the middle – there the sun does not burn, nor do the men there become infirm and decrepit; there the rays of the sun or the moon do not gain their own objects (they do not give light); nor even the rays of the stars and the planets; there the glow of the Meru is the most superior light. There men are born having the colour and brightness of the lotus and eyes like the petals of the lotus and the sweet scent of the lotus, and who live on the juice of the Jambu fruit. (7-9) The duration of life is thirteen thousand years, in Ilavrita which exists like a saucer in the body of the Meru. There the Meru is the great mountain. Thus is Ilavrita Varsha described. From this I shall describe to you the Ramyaka Barsha, hear me. There too the Nyagrodha tree is of exceeding height and of green leaves, and drinking the juice of the fruit of this tree, so they live. There the duration of life is a ten thousand years, and the men enjoy the fruits thereof; they are distinguished for their affections, and are pure, and devoid of old age and bad smell. (10-13) From that to the North is the Barsha called Hiranmaya, there the river is the Hiranvati brightened by immense

lotuses. Men there are born of exceeding strength and full of vigour, and of the form of Yaksha, and possessing great energy, riches, and pleasant to look at. (14-15)